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My '71 Duster 340 pays a visit to Nick's Garage

And then yesterday morning, my daughter told me another post was made with the car in the air, transmission removed.
She said "Daddy, your transmission is out and on the surgeon's table" :lol:

So after I saw the transmission was removed, I reached out to Nick for an update.
He responded with a picture and a couple of short videos of what he discovered upon initial observation.
After seeing the pics and video, I appreciated even more that I'm having the transmission worked on now instead of waiting to make it a retirement project in a few years.

Drastic play in the shift levers as you can see here.

Bearings….this video says it all.

And that input shaft looks like someone’s been rubbing it the wrong way LOL…

Wow, those bearings are bad. Must have made a hell of a racket going down the road?
That car is perfect!! I've owned a few 340's and like them more than a big block, just my opinion. Small, quick and room to work on in any car. Thanks for sharing!! ....... Ulli
Wow, those bearings are bad. Must have made a hell of a racket going down the road?
Quite honestly, I've never owned a 4-speed car so I had nothing to compare it to. The drive train was noisy, but not so that I felt it urgent or pressing to pull the transmission anytime soon. The whiny noise I always chalked up to it being "older technology". Boy was I wrong. I'm thinking I may be in for a whole new experience when I get the car back. Wow!
You will be pleasantly surprised as to how nice a fresh rebuilt 833 shifts.
Nick told me the Duster will be on his YouTube channel live this Friday at 7pm EST. I'm looking forward to that :thumbsup:
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The Duster made her YouTube debut on Nick’s live show on May 3rd.
At 2min 52sec she gets a few seconds of airtime and then at around 7min 15sec Nick gives her another 10 minutes of airtime.

If you’ll notice in the video, Nick pointed out that the steering wheel and the column cover are from an E-body. And also that the steering wheel was upside down!
I had no clue that any of that was the case.


He offered to make both of those correct. I declined as that is something I can get to at some point myself, if it becomes a sticking point to me.
He did say he’d put the steering wheel back on in the correct orientation however.
I mentioned to Nick that I had plans of personally installing some aftermarket gauges under the dash, as my factory cluster was pretty unreliable.
Nick offered to get my factory gauges working correctly.
It still fit my budget, so I gave him the go ahead to do that.


Nick reported back this morning that the new harness is installed.

And a few hours ago Nick said the Duster will be on his live show again tonight.
I’m looking forward to seeing tonight’s episode.
Every Monday when I get home from work, I look forward to the new episode of Nicks Garage. Been doing that for the last 5 or so years. Being in Kansas City, I sure wish there was someone like Nick who could build and dyno mopar engines. I'd love to see a 383/432 440 source head build and dyno'd. Also enjoyed the 340 build & dyno with a Bob K cam.
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