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Next project... adding a stereo n some speakers...

Marco Perez

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May 16, 2022
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Central California
Hi guys so I'm planning on keeping the origin look and mlj to g a new stereo under the dash in the center....

Do they sell kits for this ?
Has anyone done it, that give me an example?
Does anyone know the center speaker size and what's compatible?
Is it easy to install?
Do they make kick panels for my car ?

And also it's a 64 chrysler newport

Any thing helps thanks

I constructed a small console for my 65 Coronet to mount a stereo head unit, plus 2 cup holders and a cube box of tissue. Put 2 4" speakers under the package tray. I forgot the digital voltmeter with usb charging port!

I don't know about '64 Chrysler, but I replaced the central front dash speaker on my '64 Dodge Polara. It is a weird 7 1/2" round speaker that nobody makes , and mounts on a metal adapter that bolts into dash. I found a 6 1/2" dual cone round " Boss" speaker on Amazon (not Bose). It came with a plastic mounting ring that I was able to adapt to the '64 adapter plate, and then mount the speaker to it. I also ordered a 6" X 9" rear package tray speaker and 2 round 3" speakers to mount in the " B" pillar. All speakers are 4 ohm. I used a Custom AutoSound radio and had to cut the dash opening to fit it.
By the way, I have always thought the '63 and '64 Chrysler instrument panels to be very attractive.
When I re wired everything in the car, I decided to drop a stereo in it. I didn’t want to mess with the door panels and or kick panels. Expensive to replace and You really don’t get great sound out of them anyway. If you’re looking just for tunes and trying to keep the original look too, under h is a good place , a console as 493mike did is a good idea for the stereo. But I didn’t want to hack up door panels or kick panels. My door panels already had holes but needed serious tlc and couldn’t support speakers.

I wasn‘t worried about original as my car wasn’t when I got it. So, when I built the system I put together some “pods” for under the front seat facing up. We built the pods from mdf board and used epoxy and covered with leather. They are attached to the seats and not permanent. They don’t slide / move at all. I had holes in the rear deck which I filled with more speakers. Done. The front ones sound great and are out of the way. If you didn’t want to hack up back tray, something like e see would work very well. Little pain to build but going slow an making sure they came out fine. Forgive the dirty carpet! I was still working on stuff!

Just an idea that I had that worked really well for me. It may not be what you’re looking for but make spark another thought. Good luck and have fun with it!
I constructed a small console for my 65 Coronet to mount a stereo head unit, plus 2 cup holders and a cube box of tissue. Put 2 4" speakers under the package tray. I forgot the digital voltmeter with usb charging port!
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Nice set up... I think I will try and make myself something like this.. what material is it made put of ?
Pioneer Bluetooth receiver mounted at the bottom of the dash with 2 L brackets, no cd, small and extremely light.
Wrapped it in a black mess, which is actually for hanging dryer or bathroom vent tube.

Boat antenna, it's basically just a wire under the dash, car does not have factory radio or antenna.

Made a bracket for the center dash speaker that holds 2 small speakers.

Kickpanels have speakers, 6" iirc. Took 2 small drywall mud containers, cut them to fit the contours of the kickpanels but left tabs on them. Cut slots in kickpanels, put tabs through, riveted. Speakers mount through bottom of containers with the speaker grates. Covered with thin black carpet like material using spray adhesive.

Found some old school home speaker boxes, originally for like a 6" speaker with a 2" tweeter. Cut them out to fit 6x9s that are 3 speakers each. Car is a fastback, mounted behind back seat.

Best stereo I've ever had.
I found a pair of 3" stereo speakers on Amazon to mount on the "B" pillars on my '64 Polara 4-door hardtop. They are speaker and grill combined; maybe marine use. I opened up an access hole in the pillar a bit and they mounted easily.