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Oil pressure gauge AND water temperature gauge not working

I just watched these 2 videos since i might be trying to remove the gauge cluster this week.

Unfortunately the guy does not explain how to remove the lower dash padding. It's already out in the video.
Any advice on that? How is that held in place?
My dad was able to the gauges behind the dash without pulling anything apart today and as turned out it was just a loose connection on the temperature and oil pressure gauges.
Both gauges work fine now. I hope he was able to fix the connection properly and this problem is gone for good now.

But still does anybody know how to remove the lower dash padding? Just in case i have to get in there at some point which i do not hope.
cool to hear your gauges are working,give your dad a hug :thumbsup:
The lower dash pad - there's tiny fasteners that hold it in from the back. You almost have to feel for them first. A good small light is your friend here, along with removing the driver seat first, so you can look up from the floor.
Hang on. The gas gauge works so it is not the voltage limiter. PERIOD. Simple test. Unplug the oil sender and hook a ground wire to the wire. Turn the key on the oil gauge should go to full. Then do the same to the temperature sender and it also should go to full. Perform those two simple 1 minute tests and report back.
pnora, I know this is an older chat but thank you for your information and test as I am having the same problem with oil pressure and temperature gauges not working and your test worked perfectly so thanks again.
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