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Okay pretend you get to get a Hemi car, which one?


Interesting picture you pulled.
It would be a real toss-up between a '65 Hemi Belvedere - red with red interior, 4-speed, big 'n littles and a '71 Hemi RR or GTX - red with black interior, 4-speed, body color bumpers.
I have the Hemi engine and a 69 Hemi K frame. I even have the b body Dana 60 rear axle. All I need is my rich uncle to buy me the correct 68/69 Hemi Charger body to put it all into! Time to pony up the money unc!
you dont need that tuff, send it to me , I got a 68 fastback that would take it ....
I am very, very thankful for our 68 GTX as I never thought I would own an original Hemi car. Blessed.

If I could have any Hemi car, it’s a toss up between a Superbird or a 70 Charger R/T.
Probably not ever getting a Hemi car these days, but I have a 472 Hemi engine in the machine shop and it is going in my 70 Charger R/T 4 speed car, and a 426 Hemi that is going in my 71 340 Cuda.


i’m thinking it would be an e body cuda , generously optioned , triple black , auto …
i’m thinking it would be an e body cuda , generously optioned , triple black , auto …

Okay, your rich uncle leaves you a million dollars with one stipulation. You have to buy a Hemi Mopar. What would you get? I read an article about a 1970 Super Bee Hemi. I think I would get that. The article thought you could get one for around $200K.

1970 Dodge

Abody: A hemi in a '68 Barracuda. A Pro Street version of the BO29.

Bbody: A hemi in a '68 Charger R/T

EBody: A hemi in '71 Cuda.

A 4/5-speed manual trans a must for any of the 3.
The Hemi: Likely a stroked 472-528 build setup. Chassis setup: Likely a mini tubbed Pro Street type stance.

Because of the altered build and performance upgrades. I wouldn't start with an actual numbers matching hemi car. Those should be reserved for the all original crowd and builders.

I don't want to go to Hell because of my earthly desires.
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I think that I could make due with either of these...


And yeah, I would drive them!!

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For me it's easy...68 hemi charger R/T 4-speed in 331 paint and magnum 500s
I i was to get another Hemi car in my lifetime, i would want it to be a 71 Hemi Cuda, automatic, loaded up, with a ton of optional equipment.
1970 Roadrunner convertible, 4 speed. That’s all I need, nothin fancy!
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