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Okay pretend you get to get a Hemi car, which one?


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May 28, 2013
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Okay, your rich uncle leaves you a million dollars with one stipulation. You have to buy a Hemi Mopar. What would you get? I read an article about a 1970 Super Bee Hemi. I think I would get that. The article thought you could get one for around $200K.

I need an uncle like this! My uncle took one look at my Charger R/T the day I brought it home,and said,where's the "A"? to which I replied what "A"? He said the one that goes between the "R" and the "T"! lol! There was a barn find 68 Hemi Charger R/T black no vinal top,with black interior with a red tailstripe! It was a cool car. Unfortunately the car was moved from the barn,and the place the car was moved to,burned down with the car in it! This Hemi car would have been my pick!
Well, I have not had a 68 or 69 Coronet yet, so either of those will do.
I wouldn't be too picky on body style but if I was to buy a Hemi car it needs to have a pistol grip 4 speed behind it, most likely for me a 70 super bee.
I don’t want any of them for the price they are commanding.
I own pretty much own my dream car as it is. And its Hemi auto.

But if I MUST buy one per rich uncle ,,,,,,, And Im Not sure 1mil enough. But me and the owner of this one would talk

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But Odds are, I would have to be happy with the hardtop version

67 Coronet R/T convertible, they only made 3, 2 of them with 3 pedals.
Sssshhhh......don't tell anyone how rare they are.
The white automatic one is currently for sale for around 170K. (1 of 1).
I have the Hemi engine and a 69 Hemi K frame. I even have the b body Dana 60 rear axle. All I need is my rich uncle to buy me the correct 68/69 Hemi Charger body to put it all into! Time to pony up the money unc!
I would try to get a 67 GTX convertible auto transmission in yellow with black stripes. Failing that, I would get a 70 Hemi Cuda convertible.
How specific do you want?
I'd take a 69 Charger 500, in turquoise, with a tan interior, a 727, and a Dana, with 3.54 gear. And figure out how to add aftermarket a/c. I am in Arizona, after all!
First choices would take all the money or more, so I'd switch to 66 Coronet 4spd and pocket the rest of the money
That is a tough one. I would have to say a 68 Coronet R/T Convertible Black with red stripe and red interior. Something like this but add the red stripe like the other one.
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If specified in the will, a 60s or 70s hemi car would be a Charger. At my age though, I like creature comforts and would get a new Hellcat Challenger or Charger if the will wasn't specific.
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