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Orange ECU from Mancini?


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Dec 15, 2017
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Has anyone tried the new orange ECU from Mancini? They went back to the original manufacturer for what ever that is worth to produce them again.
Oh okay that sounds pretty cool. I hope someone has good feedback because I’d be interested
I did order one, time will tell?
I have an older orange box that is good if anyone is interested.

It is marked "MADE IN USA"
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I got one from Mancini right after they released it. Made in China. Saving it regardless.
Mancini Racing

Fits: A,B/RB & Street HEMI Ignitions

Back by popular demand, Mancini Racing went to Mopar's original supplier to remake the performance Orange Box!

So Mopars original supplier is China ???

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Ok! You guys made me share. :) Pics below...



A lot depends on;
1. The circuit design
2. The components selected ....internal to the ECU
3. Is the external switching transistor fake or real...
4. Is the ECU being operated within design parameters (voltage, current and temperature).....ie with the recommended coil and ballast resistor...not with what you or your buddy thinks will work.....
5. Appearance is not everything and according to "Dirty Harry"..."a person has got to know his limitations"....
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I plan on using the one I bought regardless. Glad to have an affordable option to 200 bucks for older versions on the bay.
Still no rev limiter???
That was the appeal of the FBO box and the Rev-N-Nator units.
In the '70-80's I was not impressed with Onange box. But just my opinion. I hope Mancini has verified the ChiCom quality.
Hops over at the a-body forum (all he does is ignitions) had nothing good to say about those.. i ended up ordering a OEM dist with pertonix setup and recurved.. no external box needed..
Still no rev limiter???
That was the appeal of the FBO box and the Rev-N-Nator units.
Yea if they went with the last manufacturer of them from Mopar, they will fail like crazy just like they did before they discontinued them. If they went back a few vendors ago, they should be ok. Time will tell I guess.

Sucks that the Rev N Nator isn't supported anymore. I can't find anyone at that business to answer a phone call or email anymore so I am guessing they have gone out of business or atleast stopped supporting the ignition parts and are just doing restos again.
Mopar, they will fail like crazy
Even in the 70's when they came out.We had many failures at the dealership. The factory rep told us if a car fails to start (On a house call.Remember them ?)
You could get them to start by freezing them with a blast of freon.If the car started the unit was bad. No start replace the pick up coil.
Freon was maybe a $1 a can back then. The ECU and electronic voltage regulators were high on the warranty claims.
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