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Pinholes keep showing up in ONE tire on my truck... WTF?

Big Bad Dad

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Jun 11, 2011
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Fincastle, Va.
Hey guys, this is on my daily beater Ford Ranger, but I could use some help. I have a weird issue with the left front tire on my Ranger. It was low, so I checked and found a leak with soapy water. The leak was from deep within the tread, and we could hardly see it. I paid my tire guy to plug it. A week or so later, it was going low again. I figured the plug had failed. But, when I soaped it, I found another small leak in the tread about 6 inches from the original plug. I just plugged this one myself. Now today, it is low again. I soap it and find another small leak from within a tread. No visible damage seen. I left the soapy water on it, and a few minutes later, another, smaller, pinhole leak showed up about 4 inches from the other. NONE of these 4 leaks show any damage and they are so small as to be pretty much invisible in the treads. All of this in the same tire, is not likely to be a coincidence, I would think. And no visible holes or damage. If I have been driving over something, I would think the leaks would develop in other tires... This tire is a General Altima RT43, and has been on the truck for about a year with probably 13 or 14 K miles. I am wondering if there is some sort of defect in the tire. You guys ever have a similar issue, or an opinion to offer?
Years ago, I had the same issue with a tire and it was a defective tire. The bands had shifted and broke and the bands were poking through causing the air leak.
We use tire sealant quite often with good luck. Slime, Ameriseal, etc. Kind of the industrial version of fix-a-flat that you pump in. There is one brand that will work if your rims have pressure sensors. I can't recall what brand but I wouldn't try it unless it's recommended.
Check where you bought them. Might be a recall, or they may replace it.
You say the tire has been on the truck for a year, but how old is it? Does it have a manufacturing date on it? Wouldn’t be the first time I heard of a new tire being installed on someone’s vehicle that was several years old to begin with.

Edit: I see Ed just posted that recall as I was typing this. He may have just hit the nail on the head with that.
Thanks Ed. But I don't see my size listed in those recalls. BTW, they are hard to read, and it looks like the same info is repeated in all of those listed recalls...
Is all I found on my search, figured I'd toss it out there...
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