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..Progress Report... 64 Polara


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FBBO Gold Member
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6:29 PM
Feb 28, 2024
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Have done a lot of work to the Polara since I picked it up a couple of months ago.... put a set of new tires on it... Uniroyal Tiger Paws.... changed out the Voltage regulator for a more modern version. Had some wiring issues to work through on the wiring harness. Put on a real PCV valve set up. The Gear Vendors overdrive unit needed all new black box and wiring... got the button set up in the ashtray with the lights. Put on an 800 cfm Edelbrock AVS 2 Carb and got it tuned correctly.... put a set of KYB gas shocks on it.... and changed out all the fluids in the tranny and the Dana rear end. Other stuff also like extended the front seat tracks so it is further back from the steering wheel. Had it out on the highway and 70 mph is right at 2600 rpm.... 4:10 rear end.

so, we are making progress.... next is to figure out a better carb linkage set up.... to much angle so I need to see what guys are doing for that. Next up is going to be a fan shroud set up....it looks like I have the radiator that will work with the stock one. down the road aways is the AC but not till this winter I'm thinking....... just thought you should know.....

Ok.... it's not a 426.... it's a 505..... I just liked the nostalgia.... and the colors on the stickers.....

Very nice indeed!
So you like the AVS2? I've been wanting one for my 440, seems the perfect choice...
Yes I do like the AVS2..... We also have on our 56 Chevy.... 283 car. I have had it all over out west and never a problem.....
Thanks Beeper..... got one ordered and on the way..... appreciate it..... M
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