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Robert Blake won't be down

Not sure about resting in peace
he was a Hollyweirdos elitist from his early days even
I'm sure he didn't make **** doing some of it
his parents ripped him off (IIRC)
I did like Berretta,
(like Starky & Hutch, also with a pimp friend, & rouge cop/s show)
I watched it at the end of my parents' bed
sitting on the floor with all my bro's & sis's, on their color TV
our family TV in the front room, was a B&W Zenith in a white oak cabinet
with a stereo record player on the other side
he certainly had his demons 'for damn sure'
not a 'model human' at all

he made a flick, late in the 60s maybe early 70's (?)
where (IIRC) he & an accomplice broke into a house
& murdered a couple of people, when **** went wrong
he was supposed to be 'torn tortured kid', bad upbringing...
I don't remember the name,
it was sort of the talk of the town back then,
sort of raw, there was some controversy...
Who knew ?, it was a precursor to 'his real life'...
I was pretty young when I saw it...

sad **** either way
89 is a good run, he'll serve his time again now
it won't be in peace

(my dad is 86 now hope he makes it past that,
his father died 10 days before his 90th)
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Pretty sure he won't be resting in peace. More like burning in hell. God knows what he did.