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Some of my old Chargers through the years

Haven't gone to much shows in this area other than the bi-weekly Bass Pro show in Foxboro.
Nice tongue shirt.

Well, you didn't list the years you had them. And I let go of a couple of cars that are way up in price these days too. Story of my life......
How many Chargers have you owned Mr. Cranium?
My uncle bought a '68 HEMI new. Not sure but as I remember it was red with a white leather interior. Column shift auto. He liked fast cars back in the day. All his life actually. He drove stock cars and had a HEMI powered V-drive flat bottom 'ski' boat.
I have a picture (slide) of him with it towing a camp trailer in the '70s. I need to fnd that again.
Love the 68's... But always thought you'd be more into 69.....

Where's the rim shot when ya need one.... LOL...

Truly awesome collection!
......and I feel both inspired, and inadequate. That’s a mountain of muscle, a pinnacle of power......and another reason why China will never...ever...be cooler than America.
That’s an unfair comparison. The Chinese will never even be cooler than the Taiwanese!
Looking back through these, I really like this one. Don't get me wrong, they are all very nice and better than the two I currently own, not counting wife's plum crazy Hellcat. I frequently see the black, red, blue, green, white, purple, bronze, etc. I've just never seen one this color combo before and with a vinyl top. Was this original?
I've just never seen one this color combo before and with a vinyl top. Was this original?
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I think thats an optic illusion, the body line is sharp enough the shadow occurs right where a vinyl top would be... There's no chrome breaking up the paint to vinyl transition....
That car was an original paint survivor car. For some reason that look a little fuzzy, but if you look close enough, the moldings are there. Must be the lighting.
If I remember correctly,that 69 Charger is out of the country now.