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Speaking of that group nobody wants to belong, i just joined


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5:27 AM
Jul 19, 2019
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carroll county MD.
check this out,just happened
My wide and were coming back from a jeep event. It was a wonderful day. We had won the peoples choice for best in show. So here we are coming home on rt 70 close to our exit and a cop has someone pulled over for something and the rules are slow down. Now mind you this is CJ-5 not fast by any stretch so I slowed to about 50 from 60 and I was in the slow lane. The kenworth pulling a trailer did not. BOOM he nailed us in the lh rear I do not know how I managed to keep it straight but I did and we are alive. Some 27 year old from Somalia who could hardly speak English
Anyway we lived and I can have the jeep fixed
Sorry to see that! Glad you are OK.
If you have ever seen videos of how people drive in other countries you will think the whole USA is very civil!
I have engrained in my kids that "you have to watch out for the other guy" as a rule for driving. In WI, with snow especially, it is ALWAYS the other guy that ruins your day.
At least you got it home. Looks fixable.
Could have been tragic. Thank the Lord you two are safe.
Glad you are unhurt. The Jeep can be fixed. Always drive defensively.