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The coolest bikes ever made Apple Krate, Lemon Peeler, Grey Ghost.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I have always been a fan of the Schwinn Krate-type bikes. Granted today's reproductions don't have the gear shift lever that ripped your man-sack off but they're pretty damn close. Chrome wheels, rear shocks, springer front end with the 16" front wheel and drum brake. Walmart was selling the basic Sting Rays for about $199 but they were the regular 20's no-frills Sting Rays. They sell the Krate bikes for $930 when you can find either the Krates or the regular Sting Rays. I keep an eye on prices and figured out who's making these Schwinn bikes.

Pacific Cycle makes them and sells them through its own website. They're cheaper than Walmart at $650. I happened to check them last week. They are now on sale for $389, free shipping!!!! I bought the Apple Krate, Lemon Peeler and Grey Ghost. I might list them for a profit before Christmas, if not, they sell really well at classic car swap meets. They're even fun just as props in front of your classic car at a show. If you like these, get 'em while you can at this price.

Right about 1969 I used to go to the sporting goods store and sit on these bikes and dream. At $110 they were way out of my paper route budget. I think Schwinn knows that, thanks goodness I get to relive those days.

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I have a cool bike, a Chrysler PT Cruiser Dream Cruiser. 1 of 1 built by North American Cycle as a prototype, Chrysler decided not to go forward as the PT Cruiser bikes previously didn't sell to well.



I didn't know there was an old Coal Krate. I thought that was a new creation. The PT Cruiser made me curious about what PT should for. I've heard personal transport and Plymouth truck.
when is the last time you saw a kid riding his buddy on the handlebars? ....probably before helmets, I suppose
George Carlin said it best! "Kids now a days have too much protective gear,the idiots don't get weeded out of the gene pool"
I have a bunch of stingrays, most of them are clones or replicas. The original krate bikes have gone crazy price wise. I have seen some priced as high as 5 grand! I built a custom krate bike using a 70 fastback frame and grafting it to the back half of an OCC stingray. I will post some pictures of my kustom krate build at some point. I have a 75 magged out stingray that I ride regularly.

The earlier krate replicas that I have don't have the Atom style front drum brake. I have a pea picker,and an orange krate. I also have a purple stingray replica that I upgraded to the springer fork front end and put skyway mags from an eighties Schwinn predator on it. I have a Grey Ghost clone built on an original silver Stingray frame too. I have both the blue and black Friday Walmart Stingray bikes that sold for $89 when they first came out.