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The coolest bikes ever made Apple Krate, Lemon Peeler, Grey Ghost.

I do remember my parents gifted me a chrome stingray brand new. So late 60s
It was solid chrome.
I was the rock star of the neighborhood.
We had lots of fun, with all the other kids and bikes.
Memories, love em all so much.
I'm more of a pre WW2 bicycle guy. The krates just never really did it for me. They are too small for a guy over 6 feet tall.
I like the 1935 Elgin Blue Bird


I also like the 1934 Schwinn Aerocycle
I took my Apple Krate 3 speed out for a ride today!

I know this is an apple crate thread...but can any Schwinn guys tell me what this serial number is? I believe its a Le Tour but I could be wrong. ..early 80s is my guess. I got it for free and I have to say it rides very nice!