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The coolest bikes ever made Apple Krate, Lemon Peeler, Grey Ghost.

I can see RC now in his purple polyester leisure suit,gold chains and platform shoes,getting down to the BeeGees!
I had one of these,I would cut the forks of one bike to add them to another to make it a chopper. Then next was BMX
I've got one of these in the garage, needs new decals. Only DK I ever bought, always rode S&M Bikes. We built a few choppers, one even had a chain steering wheel like Cheech and Chong lol.

My custom built lime peeler,painted in 1970 Dodge radiant sublime.





My first two new bikes . The orange one was my first, got it for my birthday and it didnt take long for me to go to K Mart and get the tall sissy bar and a slick. The green one was for Christmas and it didnt last long. I think my old man got the green one when he bought snow tires. I had a bunch of early 80s BMX bikes.

I still have a few old bikes and will always keep my eye out for one. I still ride a uni cycle once a year....that is getting near impossible though.
I can see RC now in his purple polyester leisure suit,gold chains and platform shoes,getting down to the BeeGees!
I remember the time and Disco got me more *** than a toilet seat. I learned the John Travolta staying alive moves and at the time you only had to be 18 to drink beer and wine in Illinois. We lived about 20 miles from the state line and the clubs were full of girls in parties of 2 to 4 or 5. Many guys sat in the corner only wishing they had the girls. If you could dance you took one home every weekend. Walk in and over to a table and pick a girl. After dancing they all wanted it, a chance to dance the night away. You can think I'm full of ****, but, don't **** yourself those women wanted to party, not look at some jerk weed in the corner with 4 other jerk weeds getting drunk. The more of them that showed up, the better I looked. Tight silk shirt, tight bell bottom jeans, leather jacket and my frye boots, my clubbing outfit. I had a standing room at a motel 2 miles from my house and I used it at least twice a month, most times Friday and Saturday nights. I was eighteen and that's a fact!!! ....... Oh by the way, the drunkers went home with they hand or the no tooth bitch no one wanted.

Well you can tell by the way I use my walk
I'm a woman's man, no time to talk
The music loud and the women warm
I've been kicked around since I was born

Well now, I get low and I get high
and if I can't either, I really try
Got the wings of Heaven on my shoes
I'm a dancin" man and I just can lose.................. LOL..... They were fun times and I drove a bright red 340 dart, clean and mean!!!!!!!!!!! I'd give a million dollars right now to go back.
My ‘68 Orange Krate, and ‘81 frame Phantom Grape Krate I built from parts.

Just picked up this 80s Apple Krate 3 speed. These were the first run of replicas that were sold in actual Schwinn stores. This boy is getting a Stingray for Christmas!