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Vibrating new Charger EV!

My uncle was given one for his 80th birthday. We were visiting him and he and my brother-in-law went to play golf.
That was the only vehicle I had available do some sightseeing in.

LOL. I remember Vince Vaughn made a comedy movie about dumb **** like this many years ago.. Now it's reality.
Here it is. They even worked for Dodge. At least there was few Vintage Mopars in it...

For an additional $50 they have a system for releasing the smell (just a hint) of burning oil into the passenger cabin. Special order aural options include tapping lifters, exhaust leaks, and rattling doors.
Mfg’s can’t produce trustworthy EV’s yet needing charging stations sufficiently available for those on the road already, add those nasty fires I’m reading more about…and they’re concerned about making fake noises and vibrations? There’s only one way to produce the lovely sound of a V8. I’d be embarrassed to drive an EV making a fake ‘exhaust’ sound. Well, I used a clothes pin and baseball card on my bike when I was 8. By 9, thought that was stupid.
Been there, done that. I was very young at the time.
How bizarre. I could do without the vibrations in my Plymouth. Next they'll be adding that funky '60s and '70s smell to their new cars, or the speedometer needle stuck on 65mph. Or how about some strange stains on the back seat?
Been there, done that. I was very young at the time
Cool, you must a been a rich kid, lol. While my folks were pretty well off, damn they could get cheap on stuff I wanted. They’d pass down the crap my older brother had, bikes, clothes. “Your brother’s 3-speed bike is fine, no need to get a new one.” Same with the clothes, shirts were ok, but he has a bigger *** than me (not now, I’ve expanded) but got downright riled when they tried having me wear his hand-off pants. They agreed after I tried them on having a gut-busting laugh how they fit me.
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