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Vibrating new Charger EV!

Please, please just put a bullet in the name “Charger” and let us remember them the way they were.

they even ruined the Hornet...... and I didn't think it was possible

Rest assured they'll offer Chargers with ICE, but not a Hemi V-8. A twin turbo charged inline six. I hope it has a great transmission.

1) what will it cost?
2) how many teething problems will they experience with their inline 6 / turbo charged inline 6?
3) how are they going to unload that two year supply of overpriced current generation Chargers sitting on dealership lots? Will most of them be sold by the time the new Charger is available to the public?

BTW, there are loads and loads of new Challengers and Ram 2500 trucks accumulating dust on dealership lots too.
No one is going to buy a straight 6 cylinder car,what is it 1940?
Hornet? Get the Black Flag!

Maybe a slim female of small stature will buy one.

They could sell more of them at below $30k.

No one is going to buy a straight 6 cylinder car,what is it 1940?
Lots of people buy BMW cars and SAVs/SUVs with a straight six; for decades. I'll trust the BMW straight six before a recently developed, unproven one from Stellantis/Dodge/Ram.
The R/T one is 47k!
I know, and ouch!

A little bit less from a dealership in North Savannah, but the Georgia ad valorem tax on this one is around $3,123 the first year. $20 per year thereafter.


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I foresee many wives and
girlfriends coming up with
excuses for making trips
to the store.
The R/T one is 47k!
Nothing is cheap. I pulled up next to a kid driving a new ram truck in a parking lot, and we started talking about his truck. 96 thousand!! They don't make a vehicle in this world that I would pay that much for.
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