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Windshield AMD and seal/gasket from Summit 62 Fury


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Mar 4, 2018
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New Franklin, Ohio
Well it looks like I will be replacing my windsield in my 62 Fury. I see that Summit sells AMD windshields ( $279.00) and the seal/gasket ($97.00)...wonder if the will ship for free ? Has anyone use glass / or seals from AMD ? Next question thoughts on Tinted vs non Tinted (my stock windshield is Tinted ).
Not sure if Summit will honor the over $109 on it but looks like.
If so Ill be ordering one up for my 63. If you do let us know how it turns out.
The hold back for me is possible damage in shipping glass. Summit is pretty good on returns tho.
I do not recall where I got the windshield gasket for my 62.
I do recall receiving the wrong gasket, and I think I posted the issue here:.
Windshield rubber question

I know the fsm states to put the windshield in top first, which was not working at all.
I put it in bottom first, with a little soapy water, and it was in within 10 minutes.
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Checked with Summit and freight charges apply.
I only live about 20 miles from the Ohio Summit store...they may ship for free to the store...then have to pick it up yourself , maybe.
Just got an email from my collector car insurance. They said that glass coverage is 100% :) Just may have to call Safelite
Out here in Nevada Safelite couldn't help me. Said their computer didn't show glass for my 63.
You can try. Maybe someone at the desk might be willing to go the extra mile..
The girl didn't even know what a 63 Plymouth Belvedere was..
So checked with Summit,as of last week price was $279. As of this week price went up to $314.
Tho I'm not ready I might bite the bullet and order it.
I bought the one in my Plymouth right from AMD.
You might want to check shipping:

Just burns me that shipping is $159. 1/2 the cost of the part.
Oh well, It is what it is..
I have an extra windshield, but I've shipped regular window glass before, and if you add the cost of the materials to ship and the shipping itself, it was not cheap. At least with AMD you can choose tinted for the same price and if it arrives broken it's on them.
I went with Summit. Cost with tax and truck freight shipping to my house $501.
Got my fingers crossed. Tinted too.
Safelite told me that they didn't do old cars, period. If they can't just glue it in, the won't touch it.
Safelite told me that they didn't do old cars, period. If they can't just glue it in, the won't touch it.
Yeah, same thing I was told.
Quick story,called a Vegas shop that advertised Classic car glass. Called and said I have a 63 Plymouth
Belvedere 4 door sedan and need a windshield. The Guy took a minute and said "What model Pontiac?"
No a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door sedan. "OK is that a Pontiac hard top ?"
Now I'm getting pissed, It's not a PONTIAC !! It's a 63 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door sedan !!! "Oh we don't have any listing...."
Now if it was my business I would have said,Give me your number and I will see if I can locate one.
Nope,If it's not in the computer it don't exist..... I swear no such thing as customer service anymore. :BangHead:
Try locating for a windshield for a '58 Coronet, and tinted no less.
Found a locale junkyard that used to have old cars who gave me multiple #s to call, ended up finding a local small place that could get the windshield for roughly $500, but shipping is about the same as the price.

Turns out new windshields, for the '58 hardtop, do not have the same shape as the originals, very unique.
Finally found a non-tinted one in a nearby junkyard for $75!

Hopefully I can get it tinted.
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