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Winter Project - ‘69 GTX Engine Compartment Rehab

I have the MSD 6AL mounted between the grille and core support to keep it away from high under hood temperatures.

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Mark, I see your two horns and I assume horn relay layout, and wondering would my 68 GTX layout be the same. I am missing all of that, thanks. Looking good Sir.

I assume they are the same, but can’t say I’m 100% sure.

Here’s a better picture of the mounting, check your core support for mounting holes in the same locations.


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Done for the day, it feels good getting parts back on the car. I got a lot done…



Tomorrow I can start on the motor…

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Starting on the engine, the plan is to reseal it and give it a fresh coat of Street HEMI Orange. Valve covers, intake and timing cover are off, I was happy to see how clean the inside of the engine is. The VIN stamped in the pan rail verifies that the engine is original to the car…

Done for the day, pan and timing cover are cleaned up and the flanges are flat again. My buddy Don offered to clearance where the center link hits the pan and TIG a new piece in there.


I also cleaned up the dampener and painted the back side. Nobody will ever see it once it’s reinstalled, but it seemed like a good opportunity to try out the 8774paint engine paint…
Tonight’s project, finish preparing the valve covers and getting some color on them…

Trial fitting the Milodon windage tray to make sure it will work with a MOROSO pan. I mistakenly ordered the 32005 stroker tray which measures 3/8” deeper than the stock tray. I was going to send it back but I think it will work just fine…
Tonight’s project, clean up the intake, manifold. The gaskets came off easily so all that is left is to scuff the paint. To be honest I was kind of shocked by how rusty the valley pan was. I think it would be a good idea to get some paint on the new one to help keep the rust at bay.

Vintage CH4B


I always paint mine engine color, not just for looks, but rust saving.

The ch4b intake is a good one!
I always paint mine engine color, not just for looks, but rust saving.

The ch4b intake is a good one!

Yep! They fetch good money when you can find one. I got this one at a swap meet many years ago for $15.

The best part is that it works with the Air Grabber without modifying anything…
More stuff, in retrospect I probably should’ve just got the engine kit instead of buying everything piecemeal. Oh well, I have what I’ll need to start bolting parts back on the engine...


Oil pan bolts
Timing cover bolts
Fuel pump bolts
Another firewall bolt for the ground cable

Garage goal for the weekend, install the intake manifold and timing cover. I’ll drop the pan off tomorrow to get modified, and there’s some miscellaneous small parts to prep and paint. Whatever free time I have left will be spent preparing hardware and running it through the black oxide treatment.
Just killing time out in the garage tonight, getting ready for some quality time this weekend. The timing cover is back on and all the intake gasket surfaces are ready to go. I squirted the valley pan with an old can of OER engine paint to seal it up and keep it from rusting…


Before clearing the bench to get reorganized, I applied a service decal to the Air Grabber lid. It’s ready to go into the trunk until I need it.