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Worth brand shop lift.


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Apr 4, 2013
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Mid Georgia
Looking at picking up a used Worth shop lift and disappointed that I cannot find anything on the internet inasmuch as an installation manual, owners manual or parts breakdown. While I found a company selling parts, it is always call with model and part for quote. No breakdown, how am I going to inquire of a part accureately? Anyway, was wondering if any of our readers have any documents for a Worth lift. Found no archives on Worth website. This is a 18000E model and the lift fits the need for the wider between columns distance. The 9 ton is a bonus but likely never see over 9000 lbs. Thanks for your time.
My Worth is over 20 years old now. Asymmetric 9 ton for diesel dually pick up trucks. I'm sure I have no paper work around anymore. I will have to check.
Never needed any parts. Never even added any hydraulic oil. Big thing if the used one you are looking at check pulleys/cables and pulley mounting shafts for wear.
If never lubed they wear quickly. Hopefully it has been maintained.
Just a note,Worth lifts are designed to leak down (slowly) on their own and settle on the locks thus not having the hydraulic seals hold the car up.
You will always have to lift the car up off the locks before pulling the release handles. Safety item.
I have been very happy with mine.
Worth lifts have a horrible reputation. I bought a used lift I think it’s a worth. They said its not though when I called for parts. Was trying to save a few bucks. Wish I had just bought a new atlas or something..

why, it is
Did you call them?

Apparent by their website and lack of information and by the fact I cannot find a reference to a parts department on their site nor any reference anywhere on an illustrated parts breakdown, well that screams proprietary to me and as such and a company I clearly wish to avoid and thus I am going to pass on the lift. A well know lift supplier selling by dimension makes no reference to a Worth part number that I could tell. Seems most other makers of lifts are proactive on parts and service and list their products and parts support. Surely was not like this when I bought and rebuilt a BenPak alignment lift couple years back. They have a great parts department. So going to close this thread out and thank the ones that replied for their responses.
Not all companies deal or operate off the internet. They list a phone number and an e-mail address. If you did not use either than that's your mistake.
Mistake or not.....its my call, thanks. In today's world of e-commerce, I assure you I did not build their website on the internet, but THERE IT IS...and very poorly done.
I recently bought a brand new Worth lift when I built my new garage, all of my communication was by phone. As far as quality goes it's a super solid and massive lift, everything looks well put together and it works great. I went with Worth because they were made in Texas, they have large mounting pads and beams, they had extra width options on the symmetrical lifts and they were priced reasonably. I've yet to see a lift in any of the garages around here that compare in mass.

This isn't a huge outfit, they probably don't have piles of parts premade and quite honestly I wouldn't be surprised if I never need a part.. it's very well built.
I was impressed with the build of the lift, but not the support. The item is also a 4 post lift and not a two post. If there were any documentation available I would still be considering the unit. I will continue my search but as of now....Worth is off my list. Granted I was not dealing for new lift, made that clear in the very first sentence of the very first post. Please commenters, keep that factor in mind.
Mistake or not.....its my call, thanks. In today's world of e-commerce, I assure you I did not build their website on the internet, but THERE IT IS...and very poorly done.
Not all companies work the way you expect. If I went strictly off the internet my car never would of got done. I picked up the Hello pipe and made the call. If I was interested in that used lift I would make the call. After the phone call I would then make my choice if I wanted to deal with them. For all you know a simple call and they might of e-mailed you the instructions or offed to send you the information. But you will never know that.
this is very true what you say....but in my defense, the companies who sell parts for that brand lift do not sell parts by part number associated with the model of the lift, chains, rollers, pins, bushing/bearings and such as are the very expendables any lift will require and should be updated when torn down and moved are instead, items an owner must measure and order by physical dimensions and not a part number from a manufacturer drawing or parts list. You can play spin the bottle for parts if you wish and buy the proverbial pig in a poke. The fact suppliers themself seemingly have no part numbers screams volumes to me on support. That is my decision and has been made....regardless of what you may choose to do, I have the option to choose what I wish to do. To many companies out there to stress over this one.
Don't buy a Kubota tractor if you think Worth is bad..
thanks....lots of poor performing companies out there and sadly this is often discovered after the purchase....
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