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You guys have it made with these huge shops & garages.


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Nov 15, 2010
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Motor City
I use up every little square inch in my garage that I can to get everything in my 2-1/2 car garage. It is tough with two cars, 4 quads, a golf cart, shop bench, cabinets, air compressor, 14 Nitrous bottles & shelving units but I get it all in there & still have enough room to walk around or work on the cars.


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I've got a 30x80 garage and looks like yours! More room lets you collect more stuff!
Holy Cow!
Now I'm depressed! nic egarages!

Hey 6PK/RTSE....

You'd have a lot more room in that garage if you'd sell me those 2 mopars in your driveway! LOL
28x52 with a 25x25 carport out behind it and it's all full! But, I've been getting rid of stuff slowly but surely.
I hear you on accumulating "stuff". Maybe I just have to many hobbies?
50x100 quonset once all is arranged there is more room for more.


I hear ya! I will gladly take the Charger off your hands and keep it in my garage, if that helps :laughing9:
Gpuller, love your Deere collection. Maybe a model 'G' in there somewhere that you use for 'pullin'?

Thanks Mopars! Five 2 cylinders in the shed now, 520, 620, 720, G and my brothers A.
Don't pull the G much anymore, but I do use it a lot.

A lot of you guys are very fortunate to own your garages and set them up real nice.I live in a co-op with 2 garages,but not allowed to do ANY work in them.I rent a garage for $600 a month to keep all my junk in.Have space on the side to keep 3 or 4 cars and a large driveway that has room for my flatbed tow truck,plow truck and room for friends to park 2 pick ups in front of my trucks.
I have some garage envy when I see some of the HUGE garages some of you have:icon_pray:


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Thanks Mopars! Five 2 cylinders in the shed now, 520, 620, 720, G and my brothers A.
Don't pull the G much anymore, but I do use it a lot.

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Sharp lookin' G you got there. Are they all tricycles?? Drove one when I was a kid growin up on the farm. Cool old iron, and sound cool too. I've been looking around for maybe a 730 or even an 830 to play with.

Combine looks a little big for a 55, is it a 105? Nice collection anyways!! Looking closer at the combine I'm betting its a 95 instead, not big enough for a 105.
Go from a 4 stall garage with full attic and try to put it all in a 1 stall with limited upper storage. Just means I had to put more things in storage. Some of you guys have some nice garages.
....more First World problems...LOL


I have to store my truck at Mowpar's Ranch as my work tools and stock take up that space now :(
I think you win in the sticker book class, Awesome love it:headbang:
My three stall garage seemed small until I stacked my car against the wall.


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