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  1. RJS

    Tremec 5 speed conversion in a 1970 Charger

    I just spent a good part of my morning reading this whole thread and it is great!!! Very informative and was fun watching your trials and tribulations! You went after each obstacle with determination and always found a solution. Hope it's still a ton of fun for you!! Ron
  2. RJS

    MY 1966 Plymouth Satellite Project

    Good Luck in this new adventure!!!
  3. RJS

    1969 Coronet R/T Convertible 'Audrey'

    Doug I think in 1969 Henry Ford was selling R/T's!!! You can have it in any color you want as long as it's B5!!!!
  4. RJS

    1969 Coronet R/T Convertible 'Audrey'

    I honestly believe the top and stripe were just part of the order initially but have no proof. I wouldn't restore the body until you want to loose all your hair, I had the most fun with mine when it was nice not super nice. I'll post the MCG article since I told you in our conversation that I...
  5. RJS

    1969 Coronet R/T Convertible 'Audrey'

    Use the car as you see fit, I ask these questions because I'm passionate to this type of car. I owned a rather nice one myself, if your car is a disk brake car and track pack that may explain the 054. As far as mentioning Galen that name doesn't hold any water now a days, he ruined his own...
  6. RJS

    1969 Coronet R/T Convertible 'Audrey'

    Did you check the date code on the 054 before rebuilding it to see if it's from your car originally?? 440 4speed 3.54 car should have an 055 Radiator. Also did you convert the car to power disk brakes?? Unless you have a Broadcast sheet proving me wrong. Ron
  7. RJS

    1969 Coronet R/T Convertible 'Audrey'

    Why did you put an 054 Radiator in the car?? Is it a super track pack?
  8. RJS

    67 Coronet R/T in NJ

    I see guys commenting on the car being very nice etc... Where are you guys seeing this??? I haven't seen one picture of the car in this post except for a steering wheel and one engine shot???? Ron
  9. RJS

    Got a Bee

    Very sorry to hear of your Dad's situation. Spend as much time with him now as you can spare. Congrats on the car, use it as a tool to keep him in your Heart when he's gone. Ron
  10. RJS

    Motor is out - now under hood resto can begin

    Looking great Thomas!!! Your only about a year ahead of me:argue: I should have my car back home in about a week. Ron
  11. RJS

    My new project- B-Body-72 SSP

    Are those the one piece aluminum wheels from YO? They look very nice! Ron
  12. RJS

    1971 Charger - My First Project Car!

    Do you have the can high enough for a good gravity feed? Ron
  13. RJS

    She's a keeper! 72 Plymouth

    Meant no disrespect on the armrests and I understand what your saying on the angle. I mostly wanted to know because I heard the repro. one's are off in grain. All my stuff is in excellent shape but is Black so this color change will happen in a couple of weeks I hope!!! Ron
  14. RJS

    Bringing it back to factory specs

    As always looking good!!!!! Ron:blob1:
  15. RJS

    She's a keeper! 72 Plymouth

    Magnes are the front door armrests aftermarket? I see the color difference a little but how is the grain. My left one was bad but I bought a Black NOS one I plan to dye with the rest of the stuff. The color match looks right on with the uppers, were the uppers dyed too or new Legendary. Ron
  16. RJS

    My new project- B-Body-72 SSP

    All 72 Satellite Sebrings and Plus's had a non textured argent grill. Totally auto sells Grill Silver in cans that matches nicely. Ron
  17. RJS

    My new project- B-Body-72 SSP

    I never order parts from "the big box stores" Year one and Classic since you can get whatever they sell from manufacturers. I buy from Dante for interior since he gives a better discount than Legendary usually. I have a new carpet in the basement waiting to go in along with complete interior...
  18. RJS

    1970 Super Bee Restoration Project

    BTW the bottom of your column should remain steering column color. I see you stopped the Burnt Orange and painted it black, that's incorrect for a restoration. Ron
  19. RJS

    She's a keeper! 72 Plymouth

    Hey Magnes, I forgot you were doing a White interior too. Do you think a quart is enough for all the interior plastic and metal trim? Also what does it have on the can for a code. I plan to do the same thing in the next few weeks and want to follow along with you since you'll be done spraying...
  20. RJS

    She's a keeper! 72 Plymouth

    Magnes it was cool talking to you via PM the other day. We are kinda in the same spot since I have to do my interior too. I'm changing from Black to White interior because like I told you I'm mimicking my first SSP. My car was damaged by the shipper on it's way here from AZ. so I'm a couple of...