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19-year-old arrested after driving 176 mph on I-5 near Portland

Approaching 130, Coronet feels like it’s starting to lift. HC feels like 50.
I had a 2011 BMW 335xi and got that thing to 142. It felt stable and planted and it had plenty more to go to. Fastest GD car I've ever owned hands down. Twin turbo in-line 6.

Approaching 130, Coronet feels like it’s starting to lift. HC feels like 50.
Some vehicles are just not setup to for high speeds.
Every vehicle I owned could do at least 100 MPH, but some were not too good at those speeds.
The ticket I got in Texas was in my 1973 Dodge W-150 Sno-Fighter truck (without the plow blade.)
Originally, the front end would get real light around 90 MPH. I made a modified front bumper with a heavy rubber air dam to prevent some of the air going under the truck which helped.
My first car, a 1967 Coronet 4-door, with 318 could go 100+ too, but the soft original suspension did not like it if the road was not smooth. Stiffer shocks would have helped as it would bounce off the suspension stops going over a uneven highway as over 100.
Is the 7 mph really going to make a difference?
I did dumb stuff like that when I was a kid, but my car could only hit 150.
I think the fines and penalties were alot less back in the 1980's too.
Had to do the "Driving School" and probation stuff back then.
Got a speeding ticket on I-27 going from Amarillo to Lubbock back when the speed limit was 55, I think the fine was like $35.00 (the officer was nice and wrote the ticket for 19 over the speed limit, when he know I was doing around 100+).
I was about to ask if I could pre-pay.

I remember getting clocked at 122 in a 55 in SW Kansas on US 50 back in 1984. My radar detector lost its mind as I crested a small hill as a sheriff's car flipped its lights on. Might as well pull over and wait. He pulls up and goes "License and registration, Son...Oh, I got you at 122 back there, you mind telling me where the Hell you're going in such a hurry?" Told him i was USAF returning from leave, and I needed to be at work the next morning. After a brief conversation, he gave me a ticket for 64 in a 55, which was a $30.00 mail-in ticket, no court appearance required and no points. He thanked me for not running, as he admitted his cruiser (1979 Ford LTD) would have a great deal of trouble keeping up in a chase! I pictured the Dodge City jail as being my overnight accommodations before he presented me with the citation!
I think the ticket in Texas was the same mail-in and no points in 1984.
They might have changed that in the later 1980's, I think the ticket I got on I-70 through Manhattan, KS was around $70?
I didn't even realize I was speeding, it was like 7:00 am on I-70 west, and I was the only vehicle on the road for miles so not even looking at the speedometer.
I think it was 70 mph in the (then) 55 mph limit.
My Physics teacher was actually involved in a study to increase the national speed limit above 55 mph. That was just stupid slow on most interstate highways.
I had this to 130.....

DC 4.jpg

That was before I added the '69 Camaro front spoiler....

Bad mu fu.jpg

It may not hang low enough to make much of a difference. I have been to 110 with the spoiler in place. The car felt stable but this was with the Firm Feel steering box. This Borgeson unit and better alignment I have now would be an improvement. The 5th gear allows a final drive of 2.27 so I could theoretically go well over 150. I have not tried it though.
176 mph?? That is dang fast!
My '66 Coronet has a desire to lift at about 125. It's weird at that speed, and I don't have a desire these days to push beyond that.
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My '66 Coronet has a desire to lift at about 125. It's weird at that speed, and I don't have a desire these days to push beyond that.
My 66 Belvedere did fine at that speed and a bit higher once I got the mild 383 stuck in it running 2.94 gears for a bit....
When my Road Runner was doing 129 in the 1/4 street racing that is when I stopped doing it as those telephone poles were going by rather quickly. At 176 I couldn't imagine.
I wonder how much it has to do with how the front end rises if the grill is set into the body some. My 70 Challenger certainly had plenty of front end lift at 125 but lowering the front end did help a little.
Some classics had what seemed like air scoops for grilles. The 68-70 Charger, E bodies, 69 Camaro, etc.
That looks great for styling but is horrible for aerodynamics.


I had my '70 Road Runner over 140mph a few times. Verified on one occasion by the drivers of a 69 Mustang CJ BB, and an Impala SS BB.....they tapped out at 135 as they were getting smaller in my mirror.
Funniest part was that I was towing the club BBQ trailer at the time. That thing was barely touching the ground in places.

On another stretch of road in the same car...Sunday afternoon on the Desert Road, I fried the condenser at 150mph. Engine cut out, and I coasted for around two miles. Towed back to the nearest tin-pot town for a small repair.