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Exhaust dilemma


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3:11 PM
Sep 10, 2023
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Hello, first time posting since my initial 'welcome wagon' post. I got the car more or less running but I need an exhaust for this beast! 440 stroked to 512, no plans on racing but I don't want to do any damage to the motor. With the rear suspension modifications my uncle did, the 3in TTI exhaust will be a tight squeeze so I'm looking at the 2.5in to ensure fitment and bring the noise level down a little. Any issues with running the 2.5in with such a big engine? WOT will be rare, very very rare, if it happens at all since I won't be taking this to the track.
2.5 will be perfectly fine. And fit better.
It's not so much engine size but horsepower. That being said if you feel it will rarely be WOT you won't have any issues with dual 2.5
I would certainly run 3" headpipes and mufflers, then 2.5" tailpipes. Exhaust cools through the headpipes and mufflers, so tailpipe size is not as critical.
(Factory exhaust on hemis/440s had 2.5 headpipes, 2.25 tailpipes, same reason.... dont need to be as big, gives more room).
Mufflers would be more of a concern. 2.5' s will definitely fit better. My stroker Dart was fine until I put Quietflow mufflers on, really cut performance. I have a hearing condition, over sensitive, it's called Hyperqusis. So I live with less performance. Something is always a trade off!
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