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The Fast X black Charger popcorn bucket.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
Did anyone get this item from the movie theater? My daughter and her mom went to see Indiana Jones and she sent me a picture of a black 2nd gen Charger popcorn bucket. I couldn't tell what year it was because it was from the side. Anyway, I asked why she didn't buy me one.
I'm going to try to find one at a theater as I see the ones off EBAY are ranging from $60-$100.
No true car guy goes to a theater to see a Fast and Furious movie, man.
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I have a huge collection of F&F stuff. I started way back when the movies weren't as goofy. I don't have anything from Fast X so I guess this will be the one from that movie. I have a couple of billboard-size posters from 4 and 5. I mean like 30'x12' They are in about 10 sections each. I have no F-king idea what I'll do with them as they are in tubes. I have an F&F slot car set that I think is from the 2nd movie. Maybe in 100 years, my great-grandson will think they are cool.

I have most of the diecast cars from the movies but I collect diecast anyway. As I've stated before some B-bodies member needs to start a museum so we can all donate stuff.

I know this is super lame but I'd like to go to L.A. and see the locations form the first movie.
I think the F&F movies went downhill after Paul Walker died. That will be 10 years ago this fall. I remember because a good friend died about the same time.
Eh the F&F movies are just 80's action movies with cars and drivers as the heroes. They are like live action cartoons, complete with never ending gearboxes(always another gear to grab) super powered grip tires, indistructable car bodies, etc.
They are fun for what they are. My son got into them when he was young, and then I showed him how real cars work so he likes V8's, but like his old man he likes most everything so long as it isn't a hack job or ticking time bomb.
Here's a guilty die-cast purchase I made. There was a guy at a swap meet that had a ton of die-cast Chargers. I think there were 16 1/18th scale Chargers in all different colors plus a bunch of other scales. I think he needed money for some medical bills. I offered $200 for all of it which insulted him of course. Ten minutes later his daughter chased me down and said he would take it.

None of the F&F cars are my favorite. My favorite 1/18th scale car is the dirty version of the 70 Challenger from Vanishing Point.

That car allegedly holds 130 ounces of Popcorn......how big is it. Must be the size of a wheelbarrow.

That's more than 3.6 kg of popcorn. Who eats that much? ...apart from a very hungry turkey.