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Torsion Bar, Light or Heavy?


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Jun 17, 2021
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Mid Michigan
Question for the racing guru's. Putting a 66 coronet together for the 1/4" mile track only. The car was a 318 car, and now has a 400 in it. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to running the original T-bars versus installing a heavier set? The car is just a weekend fun at the track type of build, doubt if it will be pulling the wheels off the ground, so I don't think it will be smashing things after leaving the line. Just curious if it will allow the front end to come up any faster (weight transfer), or am I all bass-ackwards on this? Thanks.
I run slant 6 torsion bars on my 67 coronet. It allows the front to rise up and transfer the weight to the back.
it should work good, you want the smaller bars
for drag racing & the lift/weight transfer

don't need a front swaybar either, it will free up the front some too

In my experience, a rear sway bar actually won't hurt it
& helps to launch it straight,
of course, depends on what type of suspension
mostly stock leaf types, it helps
a cheap version of an anti-roll bar
Start with the 318 bars. If it hooks well your good. If not the 6 cylinder bars will help transfer weight better. Depends on how it hooks. I run 6 cylinder bars in my 64. With good shocks it comes down smooth off wheelstands.