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Very short review. Transformers, Rise of the Beasts.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I mean we HAD to go see it and drive my daughter's 2nd gen BumbleBee Camaro. This is the race-swapped version of Transformers. Good people are black or brown. Inner city crime is whitey's fault. White people are bad or stupid. All the soundtrack is urban music. After getting that established in the first 30 minutes it settles down to normal Transformers stuff. A lot of it happens in Peru of all places and the Peruvians are gloried as keepers of secrets that keep the universe safe. 85% is just normal Transformers battles we've seen before.

Nothing against Peruvians. I like their style in hats! I could actually see myself living in Peru one day.

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My daughter called me when she got home. She lives in Castle Rock, CO which is about 40 miles north of Colorado Springs. Since Kylie hadn't driven her Camaro for a long winter she took it home for the weekend. It's been under a cover out at the ranch. Anyway, she calls and said she took her mom out to Sonic to show off the car a little bit. Some guys at a red light were throwing her some revs and Kylie has drag raced that car before. It's nothing special, just a 350 with a 4-barrell. She power-braked it then took off but there must have been some sand and gravel. She ended up doing a smokey burnout. Her mom complained about the smell of burnt rubber. Her mom also told her it must have scared the boys in the truck because they straightened up and kept their eyes focused straight ahead. Ha, they weren't ready for a Hot Rod Girl.
Not making fun. We Norwegians have some pretty strange traditional garb.

We have my grandmother's wedding dress that looks like this and all the jewelry that goes with it.
I just can't be bothered to watch new movies from the agenda pushing film makers anymore. Last I watched was the newer Top Gun.
I wasn't going to this one anyway, never cared about monkey Optimus Prime and still don't. Did they at least keep the trend of Optimus being a psycho in this film? The Bayverse Prime has a strange tendency to take everyone's face off.