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Vintage garage stuff

here a liitle piece of my garage
Here are overall pics and one of the display board of all my vintage decals. For the members from the Detroit area, how many of you listened to ABX? To those not of Detroit, WABX was one of the first in the nation "Free Form" stations that gave the DJ's almost complete freedom to play what ever they wanted to.

648.jpg 649.jpg 6410.jpg
Here's some pics of some of the stuff that fills my garage. Part of my oil/wax/grease/whatever
collection. A Sun model TDT-11 dwell and tach on roll around stand with a dozen or so tune up cards for 440's and 383's from 1966 to 1971. A Kal Equip Tunemaster kit including instructions, warranty cards, and engine specs for 1948 - 1958. A few of my dwell-tachs. I have 2 other Penske's that are older than this one SOMEWHERE.View attachment 743841 View attachment 743844 View attachment 743845 View attachment 743846 View attachment 743848 View attachment 743850
You have some fun stuff there. @HALIFAXHOPS
Some pretty cool stuff wish my shop was that organized!
Sun addicted!
I don't know if this should be considered garage stuff, but here goes. I have a couple of vintage ice chests. I think I paid 5 bucks for this Therm-a-Chest. It cleaned up pretty good, but the decal was pretty beat up. I was amazed to find a replacement decal on EBay. Here are before and after pics, and one of my Pleasure Chest.
I have been expanding shelving, and while doing so I gathered some of the bottles I have collected. A few things I never knew were bottled. The Kendall oil, the Turtle Wax, Three in One oil, Singer sewing machine oil, Lighter fluid. The oil funnels are not repops, although I don't know if they were ever used with those types of bottles, and I put the decals on them.

What a coincidence, ricks_RR, I saw a barrel full of monkeys for sale at an estate sale 2 days ago. One of the sale workers and I had a good laugh over it. Never had a Rock em Sock em, but our good friend across the street did.
I pick this up a number of years ago. Hunter wheel balancer stool and storage.

Picked up this vintage RAC timing light for 2 bucks. Came with an immaculate box, instructions, warranty card, and replacement parts order form. I do not see the slightest clue that it was ever used. It doesn't even look like the box was ever opened.

not in my garage but south of me a few miles a for sure vintage.
gas man sign.jpg
I found three more distributor clamp bolt wrenches to add to my collection. Also a vintage battery meter.
nice stuff i need to take picture of everything i got . its great to look at and people just look all day long when they come to the house for a beer or two
I don't have too much older than the 60' and 70's but I do fall in that pack rat or hoarder category I suppose. 5 cars worth of stuff in a 2 car garage.

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