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Vintage garage stuff

Mike Szadaj

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Jan 17, 2019
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St. Clair Shores, Mi
Here's some pics of some of the stuff that fills my garage. Part of my oil/wax/grease/whatever
collection. A Sun model TDT-11 dwell and tach on roll around stand with a dozen or so tune up cards for 440's and 383's from 1966 to 1971. A Kal Equip Tunemaster kit including instructions, warranty cards, and engine specs for 1948 - 1958. A few of my dwell-tachs. I have 2 other Penske's that are older than this one SOMEWHERE.
The only vintage oil can I have is pretty cool by name alone. I know its superb But if you look at it as I do its a can of Super B :) I do have a can of ACDelco power steering fluid in a metal can. Its probably from the 60's early 70's both are unopened.
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I like that, BeepBeep.
I don't know if it's my computer or what, but 2 pics aren't fully showing. I'm reloading them
This is the wildest can I have. Almost every square inch has writing. A good deal of it is a sales pitch for the person who bought the can to sell them. They even go so far as to give the wholesale price! I love the drawing on the top of the chic couple drinking martinis with the crazy cool styled car. The car on the front with the woman bending over it is called the "LA Rocket Car". It is comprised of parts of 33 cars. They are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can identify the name and year of all 33 cars.
Hey Mike,
Do you have room for a John Beam wheel alignment set? Yours for the hauling.
After posting those first pics, it got me motivated to get the pile of cans taking up floor space and get them on the shelf. Here's pics of that project, until I ran out of room (which seems to be a recurring problem in my garage). I think I am going to make some oil stands out of wood that would look the ones that used to sit in between the gas pumps back when pocket change could get you enough gas to go cruising.
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Yep.. bin der.. done dat... and thanks to someone calling me a pack rat the other day I'm on it.. LOL
shopcleanupnov2019 019.JPG
Nice collection. Hoarder/pack rat are such a harsh terms. Here's some of the stuff that's around my place.

g11 (2).jpg g10 (2).jpg g2 (2).jpg g6 (2).jpg g3 (2).jpg g13 (2).jpg g17 (2).jpg
I'm bad enough now! With more room more stuff. Gave a 318 poly with 62k, 8.75 one legger sold a Dana 60 in piece but complete $700 and a standard bore to a friend free. Had the 8.75 for my Satellite, removed the Dana 60 in it sold that $1k. Still could get rid of stuff.
I like your stuff, Outlaw. I wish I could afford a pump. Almost every can was bought at an estate sale for 25 cents to 5 bucks. Being a radio and electronics hoarder too, I really like the Automatic Radio poster.
I've got a little old stuff set aside to put in mine when its finished...
The more I think about it I may just pedal it all rather than having it lay around...
There's a couple old doors off of my dirt cars...maybe a couple totes full of older cans and such as posted above...
I'll have to get everything finished and then figure it out...

011.jpg 029.jpg 1202181641.jpg 1202181642.jpg
Has anyone ever seen or used this type of point setting device? You pull off the cap and rotor, then slip the proper size cylinder around the cam. You then set the points gap according to the instructions, which is the factory gap plus the thickness of the ring. This completely eliminates kicking the engine to get the points on the high part of the cam.
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