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What was the first car you can remember liking?


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I can recollect having a 1961 Ford Thunderbird toy from a cereal box. I thought it was a very cool car. I would have been 5. I also had a Jag XKE from the lid of a peanut butter jar. I lost it and I thought when we moved I'd find it for sure. Nope, funny the things that stick with you. By the time Hot Wheels came out, I liked the 'Cuda and the Mach 1.
Cheetah, Ford GT, AC Cobra, liked that sort of racing when I was a kid
My grandfather's '65 Pontiac Parisienne. Except his was white like the bottom Bonniville.

My parents bought this new when I was six years old,the rest was history!

moms Charger.jpg
The first two cars I remember grabbing my attention were a 54 buick and a 67 or 68 Barracuda fastback.

This was about 1972, when I was 4 years old. they were down the street from where we lived and I always stopped to look more closely at them any time we walked that direction.

I also remember one of the first matchbox cars I had was the yellow land rover. I liked that one. Also the mercury station wagon with the steerable wheels and the dogs in the back.
Gotta also mention the red rolls royce and the blue "Kennedy assassination" lincoln. I believe the first hot wheels I had was the 55 nomad. I really liked that one, too.

The pre-school I went to around that time had an interesting driver's ed prop that was about a 4 foot square intersection and had two 1964 impala's that would trigger the traffic lights.
I always that that was very cool and liked those cars.
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A new 1960 Dodge Phoenix, parked next to our 1953 Plymouth Suburban, when my mom and I exited the grocery store one day in the fall of 1959. I will never forget the look of that steering wheel and instrument panel, compared to our frumpy Plymouth.
My folks had a 62 impala SS convertible.
Red with white top.
This was aprox 1964, I thought we had to coolest family car around until winter. Lol.
As kids me and my brother used to freeze in the back seat.
My parents had some friends who purchased a new Ford retractable hardtop - must have been about 1959 when I was 8. I remember watching as he demonstrated the top going down and back up and what a mechanical marvel it seemed to be. After that I think it was the hoopla with the introduction of the 63 Corvette. I was aware of the car - being a fan of Bonanza and seeing the new Chevrolet model introductions each year. But shortly after I remember being on the highway with my Dad and he was behind a new 63 Corvette and suddenly it did a quick lane change in front of us and compared with most cars of the time, the lack of body sway, bob & weave, tire squeal, drama, etc, was very noticeable. It was sort of like the car was just suddenly taken from one lane and zip, placed in the other without regard for physics. It made a lasting impression on me and I‘ve been a fan ever since.
I was about 10 and walked into my uncles barn up north.. sitting there in the dark covered in dust and cobwebs was a lime green 70' 340 cuda that my cousin had backed hard into a telephone pole.... That car and the black Fury at the start of Hot Rod did it for me... That roofline is everything.... (which is funny since i ended up with a car with no roofline now :) )
1971, walking down Main Street in McMinnville, OR with my Grandma and I was 8 years old. Parked at the curb was a brand new '71Road Runner - In Violet with white strobe stripe. I will never forget the little bird head in the grill. I told Grandma, I would own one someday. Now 50+ years later, I still love that body style.
I can recollect having a 1961 Ford Thunderbird toy from a cereal box. I thought it was a very cool car. I would have been 5. I also had a Jag XKE from the lid of a peanut butter jar. I lost it and I thought when we moved I'd find it for sure. Nope, funny the things that stick with you. By the time Hot Wheels came out, I liked the 'Cuda and the Mach 1.
Damn, that was a long time ago. 3/4 of a century! The first one I remember owning was a Structo dump truck. :lol: (Not my photo)

structo dump truck.jpg
I liked my toy cars as a kid and remember a few, like I have a vague recollection of owning a chrome silver Boss 302 hotwheel or Matchbox around 1970 that I thought was really cool.
When the Pinto came out I thought they were neat (I was an dorky kid I guess...). I still remember sending away Cheerios box tops to get a butterscotch colored Plastic pinto model they were giving away as a promotion. My mom was looking for a new compact car in late '71 and I wanted her to get a Pinto, not a Vega, and we ended up getting a dark blue '72 runabout.
I even ended up with it as a hand me down in my senior year in HS 79-80 to use as a beater so I didn't have to drive my Challenger I bought junior year in winter.
Obviously we didn't end up as crispy critters from it blowing up. However, as budding rust repair expert, I spent a bunch of time when I was 15 bondoing up and spray bomb painting the rusty rear quarters, and was bummed when my mom took the car to Ford for the fuel filler pipe recall, and when the car came back, the mechanics work doing the recall left my most excellent bondo masterpiece cracked and damaged on the drivers side where the fuel cap was!
I got a 72 Grand Torino promotional model when I was around 10 and really liked the looks of them. Still have a liking for that one year styling.
When I was in Junior high, custom vans were the big thing, and I thought Dodge vans looked the best, then Freshman year in High School I saw Vanishing Point and fell in love with Challengers. So it wasn't until I was 13, 14 years old that my tastes had matured to the point I could figure out that Mopars rule!
The car that I own today. I was only 12 years old when my dad took me with him as we went to look at a job installing a septic system as he owned an excavating business. The man we were working for owned a body shop. The owner wanted to show dad his 70 C-10 he just got done painting. Well setting right beside of it was his sons 70 Charger RT. I thought it was the most beautiful car I’d ever laid eyes on. Id never seen such sexy lines in my life on a car and I was raised up on Chevys. Fast forward several years later in my mid 20,s I had landed a decent job making pretty good money and that Charger came up for sale. Luckily my brother was dating a girl whose brother was married in the family and my brother was there when the owner told him he was thinking about selling it. My brother called me right then and there and the rest was history 20 years ago.
Forward look Chryslers and 66 Charger I believe. I was really young but I remember riding with my Dad in about a 60 New Yorker convt. and I remember the cool wraparound windshield and flush door handles. The roofline on the 66 Charger made it a standout in 66 as well.
Way back when cars were just things that were around Dad always played with them but nothing was I needed to have that one Yes out family had a 70 Charger from new and I would have been 6 years old then and do remember riding in it My first I thought it was neat hot wheels was the one that looked like a person laying on his back like a dragster with his yellow legs at the front with the wheels and his head sticking up at the back So first real car I thought I liked and wanted to have was in high school In the parking lot was a red 68 Firebird with the wide tires on the back We were a GM town as a lot of people worked at the factory half and hour away But as I was wanting to be different I was looking for the under dog and first neat car I ever bought was a 68 Charger project :)
1969 Charger. Then I learned I loved all 3 years 68-70. I have owned at least one 68-70 Charger since I was 15. 37 years now.
The first car that comes to mind for me was a turquoise & white 57 Plymouth 2 door ht. Our neighbor used to give me a ride to school sometimes and I thought it was the neatest thing on the planet at 10 years old.