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What was the first car you can remember liking?

There was 3 for me. My grandfather had a 68 barracuda sitting in front of his shop, I tried several years to work a deal with him, and he wouldn’t do it. I don’t know what happened to it, it vanished one day.

Then there was the Lil Red Express truck, what little kid wouldn’t love a bright red truck with chrome stacks? My great grandfather bought it new in 78, I never thought I’d own it, or one at all for that matter, but I basically stole it from him, and forced him to work a deal.

Finally, when I was a kid I’d go shopping with my mom, she loved going to hobby lobby, I’d go looking at the model cars, and the 1970 super bee stood out, no other car looked like it! I searched for one for a long time before I saw a 68 GTX that was too good to pass up. I’d love a 70 Bee, but I’m happy with my GTX


My dads tan 1967 Dodge Polara 4-door; he traded it in in 1976 for a Dodge Royal Monaco, got $100 trade-in for the Polara, my mother was so angry, lol. Car was in excellent condition.
Quick story here.
Back in the dinosaur days, when i was in high school, there was a dress code, that the guys had to wear sports coats, and ties to school.
Hard to believe, isn't it.
Anyway, i was shopping for a new sports coat at a shop in downtown, Waterbury, Connecticut.
Had to have been early September 1969, when 1970 year vehicles, first came up for sale.
Right in front of the shop was a brand spanking new, 1970 Plymouth Cuda, all in white.
Boy, did i fall in love with that car, and the body style.
Must have spent a half hour looking at that car.
That did it for me.
And who would have ever figured, in 1971, i factory ordered a 71 Cuda, and kept it for 45 years before i sold it off.
1949 Dodge. This was about 1954 when I noticed it and I was 7. 2 doors, I think ? Kind of a light bluish gray. I liked it because it was my Grandfathers and He would take me to visit my cousins a lot. After that, I always favored Dodges and all the other Chrysler cars.
My brothers 65 Cutlass convertible when I was a senior in high school. Yellow with black top and interior and it had a 330 V8 auto. It seemed fast until we were passed one time by a 68 or 69 Roadrunner with a 4 speed. We were behind a line of cars going below the speed limit on a country road and this Roadrunner came screaming around the line of cars slamming the gears. I was impressed.
Terry W.