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When did window fuzzies suddenly become rubbers ?


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Jun 12, 2012
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Very frustrating, but everywhere I have looked, window fuzzies are being misrepresented as fuzzies, when in actual fact they are all made of rubber.

If I wanted rubber window sweeps, I would buy them.

I want fuzzies for the interior, not rubber. Rubber grabs and squeaks and eventually tears off when enough friction is presented to the glass.

To be clear, Exterior rubber is fine, that is normal.....but interior SHOULD be a fuzzie. How hard is that to get across to these Reproduction Specialists?
Cat Wiskers ?
Dantes Mopar Parts has them for A-100s $60 for a set for both doors:moparsmiley:
I'm a bit suspicious about the posted sizing of the packing required - 6" x 6" x 6" - they must be rolling the strips into a ball at that sizing.....not good for the steel backing strips. :rolleyes:
I believe the actual name is "TopCatWhiskers".

I bought that brand for my 73 and the insides were indeed fuzzy.

There were some issues with the height of the mounting holes for the outsides, though.
So what is original? I believe I replaced them on my GTX many years ago and I have fuzzies inside and out. On my 66 Satellite some of the exterior fuzzies were a bit bedraggled when I got it so I ordered new ones and received rubber swipes. So now I have rubber on the outside and fuzzies on the inside. Sort of wondering if the insides might have been rubber originally too although that would be a really tight fit? Seems like some of the old GM cars I owned were rubber inside and out - but can’t remember on my old 64 Sport Fury.
Did anyone prep the metal on their fuzzy's. I did found rust had already started to form. Did not think I would have to do this. But after restoring the car found that is a problem you should address. Just to say. Trying to find good window channel felts is one of our other problems and how to install them so they work well. I went through three set's before getting the darn thing's to work well. Those plastic clips that hole them to the glass are way too large or thick. Had to sand them down to make them tinner. Now my window's roll up and down as they should. They are not cheap and the pulling out the window over and over gets pretty frustrating. Now with aftermarket glass that is another thing to address when installing you window channel felts. On my runner the curved glass found out the top inside clip needed to be much thinner, so it did not bind when rolling up the window. Just something to think about when installing those darn things. Have fun restoring whatever car you are working on and hope this tip will be of some help.
Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks.
Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks.
Just looked at my original fuzzies, outside one have the fuzzy part and on the bottom it has rubber. Years ago I bought top cat whiskers. Very good. About 3 or 4 years ago I bought another set.
Went to install them. Outside door whisker clips installed upside down, so the metal trim would have to be at the bottom and did not have a rubber sweep.
Quarter window clip shanks were in a different position and shaped different from original one so won’t stay in place.
I contacted the original manufacturer, about this. They will make me a set to match the original if I send my old set. Wouldn’t much use in sending the poor repo’s back to the supplier after all these years. I have since started checking things very shortly after purchase.