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  1. yellowdartdave

    1980 plymouth roadrunner 2,000

    For info on 1979 road runners, see here...... http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1979/79-Volare_0025.jpg
  2. yellowdartdave

    70 gtx is it twisted?

    And a good frame machine will easily untweak it.
  3. yellowdartdave

    Front speaker locations

    ...and 2 perfectly good door panels ruined.
  4. yellowdartdave

    Are either of these correct PS pumps ...

    They made 2 different style pumps in most of the 68 thru 74 cars. Key slotted with oval neck or the threaded hole with the round neck Yours was the key slotted. They do make rebuild and seal kits for them.
  5. yellowdartdave

    Who supports ethanol

    Ethanol sucks as it destoys rubber parts of fuel systems, absorbs water and causes general havoc to FI and carbs. Also causes food prices all over the world to spike upwards because it is used to make expensive fuel instead of animal and people food. Also raises your taxes......who do you...
  6. yellowdartdave

    WANTED-1970 R/R trunk light switch-WANTED

    If you don't have the Light Package, you won't have the trunk light. http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1970/70_Belevedere0013.jpg But there is a way to rectify having no trunk light. Get one out of any early 70s parts car. You need the light, switch...
  7. yellowdartdave

    is this orig steering wheel?

    See here... http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1965/65_Coronet0001.jpg
  8. yellowdartdave

    A picture from a long time ago

    Imagine somebody back in the day turning rubber into smoke !! Nice picture.:3gears:
  9. yellowdartdave

    Correct power steering pump ?

    They used both in 1973..you have the federal pump just like I have on my 340 Sport.
  10. yellowdartdave

    Rear diff question.

    See here............... http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1977/77-Cordoba_0019.jpg
  11. yellowdartdave

    Paint code & name for 70 GTX tail panel

    I made a mistake....silver was on my mind for some reason. The black listed right above the silvers is what you need. 6pakmike is correct about the John Deere paint.
  12. yellowdartdave

    2.76 gear top speed?

    I get about 185 outta 162hp. This car that I hauled was good for about 230. Porsche 962C IMSA Prototype
  13. yellowdartdave

    MP 509 cam, likes dislikes?

    Cranky, Best of both worlds....... Long Rams on a 'warmed-up' 440 with a .509 cam. 'Traction Challenged' is the best description. Big Daddy and Dennis Gage thought it was really neat.
  14. yellowdartdave

    MP 509 cam, likes dislikes?

    My late friend had one in his 440 Long Ram Swinger with a 3200 converter,4.10 gears and 28 inch tires. Really snotty sounding. I have a .508 cam in my 340 Dart with the factory intake and Thermoquad along with a 3300 converter, 4.10 gears and 245/60/14 tires. And I agree with Cranky, it...
  15. yellowdartdave

    Paint code & name for 70 GTX tail panel

    It is either Argent Silver 168Y13 OR Astrotone Silver 169Y16 Bottom row center Courtesy of Hamtramck Historicals
  16. yellowdartdave

    71-74 rocker moulding ?

    They were optional on the Satellite, Satellite Custom and also the R/R.
  17. yellowdartdave

    coupe and hardtop differences

    Another way to look at it.... Dart Swinger/ Plymouth Scamp 2 dr hardtop..No B pillar Dart Sport /Duster 2 door coupe B pillar
  18. yellowdartdave

    wing car wheels?

    Betya they are 15x 8 Ramcharger wheels Ramcharger with Wide Sport Road Wheels http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1978/78_Ramcharger_0003.jpg Wide Sport Wheel Package RA5...
  19. yellowdartdave

    Larger front sway bar????

    From the late 60's, all cop cars (Mopar included) had rear sway bars. They started including them on sport suspensions in 1970. And the leaf spring vs coil spring business is hog wash. My dad's 68 Coronet cop car had one. The LAPD were supposedly the only people to get them in 68. You need...
  20. yellowdartdave

    70 RoadRunner w/diesel!

    All noise and no go. Specs.. http://www.barringtondieselclub.co.za/371DetroitDiesel.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjJnZF-Emhc