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1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

I'll have to look at mine when I have it back and see if I can determine anything. LOL - I wonder what the chances are that I'll remember by then. Probably slim.:rolleyes:
Just catching up on Friday's work while I sit here waiting for #1 Son to get out of surgery from having his thyroid removed. The unfortunate **** show part of parenthood, but hopefully pathology lets us all breath again by days end.

As I clean up the bottom of this car I continue to be amazed by it's original condition. Not something a guy from salt laden Ontario is use to seeing, that's for sure!
1966plysathp2ptj 053.jpg

A bit of Krown onto the brake lines, that have little to no surface rust on the protective spiral wrap.
1966plysathp2ptj 059.jpg

Cleaned the road grime off the torque boxes and the dip primer is still mint, just like the metal it's on.
1966plysathp2ptj 061.jpg

Passenger torque box side has some "good" factory welding on it.
1966plysathp2ptj 065.jpg

Drivers side parking brake cables and mint frame rails and some not so pretty factory welding on the torque box. What you get for a buck an hour! Guess I'd better get back under there and grab that piece of sock cotton I left hanging out of the hole.... :poke:
1966plysathp2ptj 068.jpg
Well we're still holding our breath as no sign or word from the Surgeon as of 9PM. He's in a great mood though, no IV hooked up, refused pain killers and ate a solid supper for the first time in months and then 20 timbits while we were there. He's in a great mood as evidenced by the nurses board. You'd think he was RC ffs... "How would you like to be addressed " = Your Excellence. "Preferred Language" = Pearl Fortan and/or Assembly. "What are your goals" = #1 World Dominance and #2 To date smart and hot ! I assume his gf add the two check marks.
Son is home, but still no news on pathology. Brain not into much but swinging a hammer, so I did!

Really annoys me that someone took the time to buff the paint to 8000, but put dinged trim back on. The stuff is unobtainium for good replacements, but you could at least try to make it better.
1966plysathp2ptk 071.jpg

Nice sharp dent in the passenger front that stands out like a sore thumb.
1966plysathp2ptk 001.jpg

Grabbed some of my Father's old chisels and ground them to fit the trim shape.
1966plysathp2ptk 003.jpg

A little tap here and another there while backed up with a heavy bucking bar.
1966plysathp2ptk 006.jpg

And then a bit more serious with the shaped chisel in the vise and my favourite trim hammer.
1966plysathp2ptk 012.jpg

Quick polish with rouge only and then back on the car.
1966plysathp2ptk 018.jpg

One down, three to go. It's not perfect, but you can at least walk by the car without noticing the remains of the dent.
1966plysathp2ptk 023.jpg

Drivers side is really pranged, but at least the anodizing isn't chipped.
1966plysathp2ptk 028.jpg

Wood block and the 3lb brass hammer while still on the car.
1966plysathp2ptk 030.jpg

Finally got to use my UPS account card, for paint protection!
1966plysathp2ptk 034.jpg
Somewhat better and close to correct shape, now it comes off the car.
1966plysathp2ptk 037.jpg

A few more taps here and there.
1966plysathp2ptk 041.jpg

Polish and back on the car.
1966plysathp2ptk 046.jpg

Rear drivers side someone tried to fix and poked it too much from the back side.
1966plysathp2ptk 055.jpg

Nice proud "blister".
1966plysathp2ptk 056.jpg

Ground a plastic file head to shape and gave it a few wacks.
1966plysathp2ptk 079.jpg

Best she's gonna be.
1966plysathp2ptk 060.jpg

Passenger side rear with a sharp ding as well.
1966plysathp2ptk 064.jpg

Trim off for a few taps with the shaped chisels
1966plysathp2ptk 066.jpg

Back on and we'll call that a win.
1966plysathp2ptk 068.jpg
Been there. Done that. Looking good Wayne! Can't be in a rush when you tackle stuff like that.

Hope the young fella is doing Ok.
Just catching up on Friday's work while I sit here waiting for #1 Son to get out of surgery from having his thyroid removed. The unfortunate **** show part of parenthood, but hopefully pathology lets us all breath again by days end.
All the best wishes for your son!
They took my thyroid in 2017 (cancer #4 of what's wound up to be 6 so far) and I literally woke up from
the surgery like I'd been shot out of a cannon.
Didn't sleep for the next 36 hours straight - and I walked around the hospital campus all night and into the
next morning, when I announced I was going home - which I did. :)

What they don't tell you about the meds you take in "place" of the thyroid aren't capable of doing everything
it did - it's a very complex little critter, turns out.
They'll adjust and adjust, chasing this test number or that - but it'll not be the same again ever.
(My wife has seen me go through absolute hell and even she says the thyroid surgery made the most difference
in me - and she's right).

Still....it beats the alternative. :thumbsup:
Been there. Done that.
I hate doing anodized as you can't really finish the job unless you destroy the coating and polish bare aluminum. Stainless you just pound it proud, grind, file, sand and polish to perfection. On this stuff I didn't want to bust or chip the coating so got it as close as I dared so you can at least walk by the car with out it calling out hey you !
No they certainly don't Wayne, They all look good. I just do the stainless. Pretty forgiving.
Top of window and vent frame too far in, only one way to tackle that.
1966plysathp2ptl 031.jpg

Off with the handle and hardware .
1966plysathp2ptl 032.jpg

Nothing like cracking a Virgin door on a Thursday afternoon.
1966plysathp2ptl 033.jpg

Nobody has been in here since a Chrysler worker closed it up 57 years ago.
1966plysathp2ptl 034.jpg

First guy to tear the factory paper tape.
1966plysathp2ptl 037.jpg

Crank handle hole with three clearance cuts in the vapor barrier.
1966plysathp2ptl 042.jpg

Vent frame glass track has an adjustment fitting near the bottom. Unlike a 68/69/70 that has a "foot" on a peg that can be adjusted through a hole in the bottom of the door.
1966plysathp2ptl 047.jpg

Peeled carefully just enough to make adjustments. Also note the vapor barrier is glued vs draft seal caulk as used on newer cars.
1966plysathp2ptl 050.jpg

Factory paper tape is 3" wide.
1966plysathp2ptl 054.jpg

Glass rear guide track lower adjustment fitting. On 68/69/70 this is accessible through a hole in the rear face of the door.
1966plysathp2ptl 066.jpg
Vent frame retained/adjusted similar to 68/69/70 with a bolt and nut accessible by removing plastic plugs, but has a Phillips screw vs a hidden Allen head screw at the vent post to door clamping area.
1966plysathp2ptl 073.jpg

Vent frame and rear edge glass channel fully inboard at their lower adjustments and we have a good fit. Prior to this the top of the glass was hitting the seal when the top of the door still had an inch to go when closing.
1966plysathp2ptl 075.jpg

I also tipped the vent frame back a bit while adjusting to get a nice even gap and the door glass parallel to the roof rail at the same time.
1966plysathp2ptl 077.jpg

Plastic vapor barrier back into place.
1966plysathp2ptl 087.jpg

Upper stainless trim is ON the door card vs screwed to the door like newer 68 up cars.
1966plysathp2ptl 089.jpg

Trim just a friction fit.
1966plysathp2ptl 091.jpg

Purdy nice for it's age.
1966plysathp2ptl 092.jpg

Paper tape I got when doing the vapour barriers on the Bee.
1966plysathp2ptl 096.jpg

Identical to factory, but unfortunately only 2" wide vs the 3" that was used on this car.
1966plysathp2ptl 095.jpg

Next guy will know he wasn't her first. Need to touch up the paint on the door as well.
1966plysathp2ptl 098.jpg
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New pair of K frame splash shield for installation. Originals removed at some point in time. $105 Cdn + tax.
1966plysathp2ptm 001.jpg

Got the last OE style console boot that National Moparts had with the moulded in steel frame, not two separate pieces as all will be from here on out. $205 Cdn + tax...
1966plysathp2ptm 002.jpg

New seal that goes from the air dam/rock shield to the front bumper. Another item removed from the car at some point, but I have a mint replacement in transit from New York State.
1966plysathp2ptm 003.jpg

Door paint damage from the door card's upper stainless trim being left loose, for some time apparently.
1966plysathp2ptm 013.jpg

Lower paint missing from kicking the door open. All prepped and ready to paint.
1966plysathp2ptm 014.jpg

Quick shots of gloss black spray, three coats in all.
1966plysathp2ptm 017.jpg

While the paint is drying. Scubbing bubbles for showers is on the job.
1966plysathp2ptm 022.jpg

Gave the stainless a quick run through the buffer wheel.
1966plysathp2ptm 024.jpg

Door cards are so clean I almost thought they were reproductions. Have never seen one this mint with all of it's retainer clips.
1966plysathp2ptm 030.jpg

2656453 P is the OE part #. Suspect W K is the suppliers initials
1966plysathp2ptm 026.jpg
Door touch up paint ready for tape peel.
1966plysathp2ptm 033.jpg

Came out pretty nice.
1966plysathp2ptm 044.jpg

Nigel shipped me the wrong $200 lower shifter boot. This is Hurst only, even after I made him verify that the upper console boot would fit an Inland shifter handle and he dug one out of his mess at home to check it out. Correct one is on it's way Canpar for Monday or Tuesday delivery. Unfortunately he wants this one back..
1966plysathp2ptm 048.jpg

Original upper console boot with it's cracks. Not bad for it's age..
1966plysathp2ptm 050.jpg

Not looking forward to changing out the shifter boots. Apparently the lower Inland boot I have to disassembly the shifter mechanism and then put it back together in the boot.
1966plysathp2ptm 053.jpg

At least when someone removed the K frame splash shields they put the attachment bolts back in the frame rails.
1966plysathp2ptm 055.jpg

Same with the front air dam/rock shield. Clip nuts and bolts back in the radiator support, just no air dam.
1966plysathp2ptm 061.jpg

Bolts for each end of the air dam/rock shield also in place ready to use. Just need the air dam that's on it's way USPS.
1966plysathp2ptm 063.jpg

Original "anchor" head self tap bolts with washer-ed heads that retain the splash shields. I cleaned them up and dipped in Boeshield T9.
1966plysathp2ptm 090.jpg

Splash shields both bolted to frame rails. Still can't decide if the plastic straight with the frame rail is correct, or the "curtain" parallel to the strut bar as shown.
1966plysathp2ptm 099.jpg
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I hate to tell you, but your ''66 should have the early metal shields ............


Well now you tell me! I guess National Moparts is the only one that lists correctly as 67 up... as everyone else lists 66 up and I figured NM was wrong. Now is that $105 wasted or do I need to find another car in need.....
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Should not be hard to re-market and recover much of the cost. Or save for that next Mopar.
Well now you tell me! I guess National Moparts is the only one that lists correctly as 67 up... as everyone else lists 66 up and I figured NM was wrong. Now is that $105 wasted or do I need to find another car on need.....

Which means that you really need to check with on everything. Consider me as your southern lifeline.

:lol: :thumbsup:
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