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66-67 dakota digital dash

The Crusher

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Mar 25, 2022
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Hey gang,
How many of you have thought about updating to a Dakota Digital Dash, but were disappointed to find out that they don't make one for our cars? I was, so, I sent the President of Dakota an email yesterday expressing my disappointment that the aftermarket generally ignores us. The aftermarket seem to only focus on the Kool Kids (68-70 B-Body, 70-74 E-Body) cars. I told him that the A-List cars are not in the budget for must of the working folk, but we MOPAR Guys still love our cars, even though we aren't the considered the most desirable.

Today he responded and said that he would look into it. If you would like to, you can email "Ross Ortman - President" from the 'Send to' drop down box on the Dakota Digital Contact page.
Dakota Digital - Digital Instrumentation and Accessories
It couldn't hurt to show them that just cause we ain't the Kool Kids, we still buy parts IF they are available.

May 7th.jpg
Thanks fellas, but I think you may have missed my point. Sure, I can have something custom made. But, we don't have the option to buy something and install in a day or two, rather than a month or two of down time while waiting for a custom dash and shipping both ways.
Interesting! Any further details?

Hello Don, thank you for inquiring about Dakota Digital. We have actually done that one several times in the past back here in the customs shop. Have a look:

67 Plymouth GTX in HDX


From here, I would direct you to the customs page on our website. (Linked below) Here you will find the 3 different systems we offer. (VFD3, VHX, HDX. We cannot customize RTX)

You can also find pictures as well as specs and pricing on all 3 systems. The order forms are here as well.

Custom Mounted Instruments - Uses OEM Gauge Housing

How we do things back here in the custom shop is we disassemble your OEM gauges and build our gauges into your housing. (Limitations may vary)

If you feel this is something you want to do, then go ahead and fill out the order form. After you submit it, I will be in contact with you if I have any questions and I will give you the shipping address to send in your cluster. Once I receive your cluster, I will get a hold of you to get a down payment (50%) so we can get going on your build.

Quick price check: (all prices starting at)

HDX $2600

VHX $2200

VFD $1400
I was at a private car show over the weekend and this person insisted that DD had done a dash for '67's.

So I looked at the website. Nothing new there. So I emailed them with the "hey you guys ever gonna do one" and I got that back.

Custom job obviously. It looks cool, but the prices... wowza. :fool:

I think I will stick with the gauges I have.