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66 Satellite window crank help


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6:54 PM
Jan 2, 2011
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new jersey
The crank on my driver's window is overall mint but the knob is floppy. I tried to peen the back to no avail so wondering what do you guys do to fix this??

Maybe I can bring it to my machinist to see if he has any ideas????

Thank Ron

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Only draw back to the repro cranks is that they are far nicer than the original castings. I would not waste time with the originals but you could try a Hydraulic press to tighten up the rivet.
If you're really ambitious you can drill out the rivet, tap the knob and replace the rivet it with a hex screw. Years ago, before repos were available, that's what I did. After some adjustments to the length of the screw and a little loctite it worked fine. I have an extra handle I can send you if you'd like to give that a try an see if it works for you. That way you won't destroy your handle test fitting it.

WOW all great information!!!
VFilms I'll keep you in mind.

So far I may have a lead on a good original I'll have to see just how nice it is.

I've been in the hobby since the seventies but never owned a 66 before.
Thank you all very much
I might have a working original (but I don't think it's mint condition).
let me know if you want me to look for it.