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Annoying things that Dad used to do...

My Dad, you never new what he was thinking. Man of few words. Son of a coal miner. 1931 vintage , Korea vet. Worked his rear off for all of us.
Drank hard , chased skirts, he and mom divorced.
He really pissed me off at times and i couldn't wait to get away.
After he was gone, I missed him, still do.
My dad was similar is some ways. One never knew what he was thinking. My mom was the only one that knew what was going on in his head. And yes a man of very few words. Raised the son of a Norwegian father who was very similar, and a mom of French descent either via Canada or France, we never knew which but she was the warmest, kindest, sweetest person on earth. Where Gramps was very gruff, often grumpy, very much unspoken. But it was crystal clear he loved his grandchildren and we loved him. But my dad was different simply because he was our dad and was either completely stoic or angry. Those were his two emotions. I never once recall him saying a nice thing to me - not ever. On the opposite side tho he was the consummate loving husband. He worshipped my mom and it was crystal clear how much he loved her. He rarely imbibed and never would have, or even think of anything to do w/another woman. More than one thing he did that I could have done w/o was his frequent long loud release of methane gas w/o deference for those around him. Theres more but I’ll leave it at that.

I don’t miss him - never have. For many reasons I’ll leave unstated.
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As far as an annoying things, he would tell us kids to change channels or turn up the volume on the tv. I could also say wash his golf clubs after playing, but to be fair, He did pay me a dollar for doing it. A few years later he started teaching me how to play golf. All in all, us 3 kids were lucky to have the parents we did.
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