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Craig (mobileparts)

Kevin / Get X'd,
We had some GREAT conversations while I was in the Nursing Home/ Extended health care facility this winter !!!
Thinking of you these last couple days --- with the N F L draft --- we picked J J ' s running mate (Addison from U S C --- to replace Adam Thielen) ,
But unless we do A LOT more, the Lions and Bears might be passing us by... At least we can enjoy many more Fudge Packers Losses !!!

SKOL VIKINGS !!! My fellow PURPLE FRIEND ...... Yours, Craig.....
Ron H,
If --- I --- didn't move mountains, already, and continuing, I wouldn't have anything accomplished....

Why do none of us hang out with lawyers / attorneys???? Why can they ONLY hang out with one another ????
Because none of us would tolerate their disgusting habits / methods / lack of courtesy and respect..... They don't even have the courtesy to return calls or make courtesy calls....

Yours, Craig.....
Craig, I feel for your situation, and am feeling your frustration and my own as I have been following your story. I have been an attorney since 1983. I am going to let my license expire this summer after 40 years. I despise most of the profession, for all the reasons you are having difficulties getting decent representation. When I was a corporate guy, I hired top quality talent on the defense side. Those folks worked for corporate america from the time they graduated. Individual clients don't exist in their world.

I worked as one of the small fry early on, low class rank from a third tier school, couldn't get anything better, couldn't stand my colleagues in the slip and fall biz. I looked at doing some pro bono work in retirement, but nobody wanted me, except organizations with political agendas and work that weren't compatible with my skill set and mindset.

Your case is a tough one, in that you have a great "cause of action," clear liability, but a tough defendant, and your degree of recovery has worked against you in terms of drawing out the highly skilled big money firms. People have asked me for years why an attorney would spend 25 years driving a truck. Answer is because lawyers suck.

I really wish I could be of help, but this is my perspective as a soon to be former lawyer. Your best shot seems to be one of the firms that specialize in similar cases, if they can find a reason to do something in your jurisdiction.
At least we can enjoy many more Fudge Packers Losses !!!
lol, we have our differences on our fav NFL teams. Anyway, in case this hasn't come up, have you considered contacting your congress person or senator for help? Or maybe a news source, or both, like at the same time? cc a news org in your area, nearby city in your communication for help so your area con or sen can see you've done this? Who knows, a reporter might find this as a juicy bit of news to look at further and/or wonder how they responded to your call for help. I'd still like to know wtf your lawyers are doing since it sounds like squat. Can't forget that what happened to you could happen to anyone.
Sam DuPont , ( & others ) ,
Kenneth Mollins and his associate Tim Manning are two of the over 100 lawyers / attorneys who have declined to take the case….
I am developing an extensive list of “ useless “ —- and when this is all said and done, I am reporting some of them to the bar association and others I am even reporting to the grievance committee…..
They will have to answer for their ineptness in my regard, but it still doesn’t help me……

I do appreciate your looking out….

Yours, Craig…..
Ron H,
Earlier in the letting everyone know what happened and is happening —- I have spoken to Paul LoRocca and Robert Brodsky from Long Island’s number 1 newspaper by far,
They are ready, willing, and able to put me on the front page, but even they recommended I have legal representation before we do that….

Trust me —- I have pursued and am still pursuing every avenue ….. THIS SUCKS…….and takes a lot of time…..
Thought you might have have. I mentioned earlier contacting your congress person or senator (writing/email) if you haven't and copy Newsday here since they've expressed an interest to publish your story. My thinking here is if they see you have a notable news source you've talked to - they might be more inclined to respond. Not sure Craig, just thinking what I might do being in your predicament hitting one brick wall after another.
Craig, we've had only a few conversations, and I can see you are a great guy. Hang in there! Pulling and praying for ya!!! Best wishes to you. If you are going to Carlise, I can see if I can arrive early enough on Thursday to help with set up. Let me know.
Set up on Thursday ?!?! No sir !!!
Every year I was able bodied, I drive through the night on Tuesday —- set up 2/3rds on Wednesday —- and the final 1/3rd Thursday morning….

I usually do $ 600 - $ 800 in opening business on Wednesday!!! and another $ 600 - & 800 on Thursday , while I am setting up…..

I am thinking of driving through the night Monday this year,
And setting up Tuesday and Wednesday, because of the medical issues…..

Thanks for the offer, but I am hoping to be north of 90 % set up by Wednesday evening, weather permitting, naturally…..

Yours, Craig…..
Ron H ( and others ) ,
I have hit hundreds of brick walls, legally speaking…
It is way worse than frustrating…. And, I have NEVER been
LIED TO, to this extent, in my life….

Though, I could do a far better job than any of them myself,
that is not allowed, as per “ how the system works “ …..
And, that SUCKS ……


I need to see if Ben Crump is done in St. Louis, and would come to Long Island to defend a white client, who got seriously wronged, damaged,destroyed, and ransacked through no fault of my own…….
As I told lawyers / attorneys these months,
“ I am the Tyre Nichols of Long Island —- and while Dead Men Tell No Tales —- we all saw the graphic and expressive video of how those cops KILLED HIM….”
“ I am alive, with witnesses, to tell you what happened….”

They listen ( on the other end of the phone, I think —- or are they busy simply doodling ?.?.?. )……
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