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No grand kids but Grand Dog Sasha
So you think smaller dogs can't eat fast?? Never ever try to pick up something that falls on the kitchen floor here... Bentley is faster than the naked eye....
LOL... And yes, thats where he likes to ride when we go..... He's the navigator
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Winston with my youngest granddaughter, he was a stray. Somebody dumped him near my place a couple years ago.
I was thinking about how dogs eat. At least how big dogs eat. The Newfoundlands are monsters. A cheeseburger that might take a human a few minutes to eat is gone in 4 seconds. They don't really chew it's more like watching a shark eat. It just goes down in glups. I make the staff at McDonalds laugh when I bring them through the drive-through for ice cream cones. I get the small cones but the ice cream is sticking put about 4" from the top. I hold the cone sideways and it's one bite. They eat two big bowls of dry food a day with the evening batch mixed with wet food. They are 160 and 165 pounds each. The female, Little Bear won't eat lunch meat. I will give her a sandwich and she somehow eats it without eating the processed meat which she spits out. (It makes me think humans shouldn't eat processed meat either.) The other thing she does is with a donut or a bagel. It's too wide and sticky for her to gulp down and she doesn't want to drop it so Diesel the other Newf can get it. So she walks around with it in her mouth. I have to pry it out and tear it up for her. This is not my Newfoundland but it illustrates their size.

They are considered "Nanny Dogs" because of their gentleness with children. The Newfoundland in Peter Pan is called Nana.

Notice the Yorkie has to have its leash pulled tight. The Newf just sits there. They are nicknamed "Gentle Giants."

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Don't leave anything on the kitchen counter. That one is small, some can reach the top of the refrigerator.

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Their main forte is water rescue. They are great swimmers. The water drains from their droopy lips, they have a double-thick water-resistant coat they swim using the breaststroke not the dog paddle. The fishermen in Newfoundland used them to drag in the nets.

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Sophie is the same way with a cheeseburger, but she can spit out the pickle every time.

I posted the picture of one in my lap but here's the other one trying to find room. If they both made it that would be 330 pounds on me!
Happy Father's Day to all you doggy daddys!
My first. Got her as a rescue at 1 year old. First photo she is middle aged, second she is 15. Dogs are Saints at age 15


I am a bid fan of the working class dogs which include the newfoundland, beautiful dogs. The general temperament of this class is like those newfoundland you have.
after my two bernese/Pyrenees mixes passed i was looking for those or a couple leonberger dogs but couldn't find any.
So I found an available bernese and another Pyrenees Bernese mix
I love big furry dogs of this class


Happy Father's day to all those with four-legged children. I get to play with all my kids.......after I managed to get all four of them out of the bathroom with me.
If I knew how, I'd post the meme of the gsd asking, "are you sure you don't need me there with you?"
Tilly got a ride in the Porsche today. She was a bit tentative at first, but quickly warmed up to it. She will turn 6 months old next week and already 51.5 lbs
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