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EDELBROCK CARBURETOR fuel sitting on secondary boosters ... wet secondaries?


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Jun 26, 2023
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I am seeing fuel fuel sitting on the top of my rear secondary boosters area. Is this normal at any times for any reason or sign of issue? Not having any issues under acceleration except i feel like it shpuld be a bit quicker. Maybe a bit too long of a cold start and a high idle if I put any pressure on idle screw. I have rebuilt this 1406 electric choke carb twice and has it apart a few more times before that. Once with an aftermarket kit and second with an edelbrock kit. First issue was a bad float and not the kits fault. Don't see any vacuum leaks and triple checked timing. Fuel pressure at 6-6.5 psi. Any advice or plan of attack is welcome.




rebuilt 383 with very mild cam. The Edelbrock 1406 600cfm i currently have on it responds waaaaay better than the 1411 750cfm I tried before it.
What fuel pump are you running? Those carbs work well with a pump in the 4 to 5.5psi range.
These carbs will actually work with up to 10 psi of fuel pressure, but the float [ fuel ] level would requite adjustment.

Most likely cause of fuel in the area described is warped air horn, or bad gasket, allowing fuel leakage.
That area is the fuel crossover path from pass side to driver side - sealed off by the top gasket. So probably some issue that Geoff 2 mentioned.
That area is the fuel crossover path from pass side to driver side - sealed off by the top gasket. So probably some issue that Geoff 2 mentioned.
Ok. That was one of my guesses. I guess I need to try to retorque the air horn bolts again and if that doesn't help.....take the air horn off again and check it with a straight edge, plus maybe try another gasket?
That pump as advertised puts out 7.5 lbs of pressure.
Edelbrock recommends a max pressure of 6.5lbs.
Your pump could be putting out a little more than advertised.
You need to check your fuel pressure.
If over 6.5 lbs you should reduce it with a regulator.
You could be pushing fuel past the needles and seats and over filling the bowls.
That carb will operate just fine a 5 lbs. Of fuel pressure.
You do not need a regulator.

The 5.5 psi mentioned by Edel provides the correct fuel level when the float is adjusted as per Edel specs of 7/16". It is the datum jetting, a starting point. These are universal carbs, so jetting will vary slightly engine-to-engine.
These carbs by virtue of their excellent design will withstand up to 10 psi of pressure, but the fuel level will rise slightly in the bowls.

If the carb flooded, for whatever reason, there should NOT be fuel seen as depicted in post #1.
Flooding that overwhelms the floats will be seen as fuel coming out of the booster nozzles.
I asked about pooling in the air valve pocket. Question of how much fuel pooling. If they are filling up chances you have a leak. If this is an occasional wetness on venturi could be other causes of residual fuel.
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