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Got Any Old Daily Driver Pics?

Me standing next to my ‘67 Chrysler 300 in 1985
I actually had two daily drivers in high school during the mid to late 70's. First was a $425 '67 Belvedere convertible with a 318, and then I added a 67 Coronet 440 convertible with a 318 bought for $650. Both got new upholstery, an 8 track player and an Earl Schieb paint job while I had them. In college, the Belvedere was replaced with a 318 68 Barracuda convertible, and with the help of a buddy, we replaced the 318 in the red Coronet with a 340. After college, I added a $600 66 Coronet 500 to the collection with the 318 poly. By the late 80's I had replaced both Coronets with a new 1988 Dakota 4x4 pickup to share daily driving duties with the Barracuda. All those vehicles are long gone now.

67 440 500.jpg 547799_402117719835284_1438010233_n.jpg 318blue.jpg 66 500.jpg 483932_402120139835042_645323222_n.jpg
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One of mine way back. (hint.... it's not the Malamute)............

On my way to trade it in on a new car for my wife to be. Regret getting rid of it to this day.............
009 (2).jpg
Another one I had. 69 Swinger 340 4-speed. Fun, Fun,Fun! Kicked a 396 Chevelles *** and he was not happy. Circa 1992ish. In the garage is my friends 68 Coronet R/T I did a trunk pan and lower quarters on. Under the cover is a 70 Cuda.

like 1982-ish
digital photo of a Polaroid
Budnicks 69 RR 440 str-6bbl #1.JPG
Regretfully, I never snapped any pic's of my first two daily drivers, a '67 GTO vert and '70 Cuda vert. The goat was a deep purple black interior/top all optioned out, and the Cuda was yellow black interior and top 383. GTO had a dual-gate and the Cuda a 4-speed. I worked at a small machine shop when I had them and my boss, co-owner of the shop, called the goat 'the purple people eater' and asked me to let him drive it on occasion giving me the keys to his brandy new Chrysler New Yorker. lol. It was like driving a land yacht quiet and cushy with a paisley pattern interior. Later I bought a new '73 Challenger 340 and again my boss asked me to let him drive it now and then, handing me the keys to his brand new Cordoba he had then. He was a great guy - like my 2nd dad, one of the best people I ever knew and thought WTH so I take my date out in a new New Yorker and Cordoba for a night. Driving up to my car bud's where we usually hung out in these cars brought up some ahh...interesting conversation as I kidded them about these rides..."yeah I traded in the Challenger for a decked out Cordoba". Not sure if I regret not taking photos of my goat and cuda as all that would do is make me wish I had them back all the more. I have a couple pics of the Challenger; but I'm on my other laptop without those on it...will include those if I can remember to do.
Wow the nice forgotten memories of back when as they came floating back to me!
My very first 'daily driver' ....me at the wheel, and my little brother catching a free ride...circa 1968...



That car would be worth about $5,000 in that condition today. :(
I had a few second generation Chargers for daily drivers,I had a green 68,which I have not found a picture of, and this red 68 was my year round daily driver. I paid $75 for green 68,and $80 for the red one. I put lower half quarters on the red car and painted it I also bought a blue 69 Charger that ran and drove for $75. Those were the days!
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My first car and my daily driver to high school and work after that. However, due to the copious amounts of road salt Wisconsin dumps on the roads in the winter, it wasn't driven in the snow when I owned it. I drove this car from Wisconsin to California (and back) in 1983. It was my daily driver in northern CA for the 4 months I was out there. Today that's a long drive without cruise control!

My 67 Satellite daily driver. Moved to FL in it and drove it daily for a couple of years before I restored it.


Bought this 67 Belvedere II to drive while the Satellite was off the road. Kept it going with parts off the Satellite.

My wife used this 67 Belvedere II vert as her daily for about 2 yrs in the mid/late '90's.
My 67 Satellite daily driver. Moved to FL in it and drove it daily for a couple of years before I restored it.

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Bought this 67 Belvedere II to drive while the Satellite was off the road. Kept it going with parts off the Satellite.
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My wife used this 67 Belvedere II vert as her daily for about 2 yrs in the mid/late '90's.
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Meant to add that you can see our house in the background of the last pic - I'll let ya'll guess which one it is :lol:
65 Belvedere 440 stick
71 Challenger 440-6 super trac pak stick
63 Polara MW
77 Z28,t-tops,PW,a/c stick
67 Electra duce & a quarter
69 Mustang Grande 302 a/c a/t
Not counting the motorcycles

3.12.18 139.jpg 1.30.18 007.jpg 1.30.18 009.jpg 3.12.18 050.jpg 3.12.18 084.jpg 3.12.18 090.jpg 3.12.18 168.jpg 3.12.18 177.jpg IMG_4598.JPG IMG_4618.JPG
IMG_20200519_0002 (003).jpg

IMG_20200519_0008 (003).jpg

IMG_20200519_0001 (003).jpg

This was my '69 that was my daily driver for about 18 months in the UK in late 1990's. Rain, snow, whatever.
Looking back, it was ahh, what it was, your ride might a been a road runner, cuda, gto, chevelle, 442, etc. and that's simply da car you drove to work; no spare car for work or play when these behemoth power houses were bought new or slightly used for normal transportation...summer, winter...for most people. It was around 1980 when I 1st got into wanting to store my car for winter (my old vette) mostly cuz it was a nightmare to drive it on slippery roads. One night after a late office holiday party and a winter-mix storm, l spun that vette like a top eventually onto a median. I was rather hammered and lucky the responding police; like 4 squads, somehow didn't check me for sobriety as I'd a been toast. Could be having to wear a suit & tie back then made me look less suspect...well some six years before I was booked for reckless driving in my cuda by the same PD (my home town) so had they done a check, could a been a different story. Lot happened to me in those six years...went back to college, got a degree, and a job with a large ins co. I had a company car then too...why I decided to take the vette out that day...only due to lack of friggin brains. Anyway, I had driven my Challenger (I sold to my brother-in-law when buying the vette) maybe three winters on our winter salt-dumped roads despite having it undercoated and it was rusting fast to **** already. Would have been wise to find a POS winter beater to let the Dodge park...hindsight = 20/20...
My (twin) brother painting our daily driver in 1986..a 71 chevelle(first car). 2nd picture painting the chevelle a second time cuz we screwed up the first time.Lol...3rd driving to 8th grade. We were 14. Somewhere there are pictures of our 69 charger when we painted it curious yellow in 1988...but the photos are in a safe place...wish I could remember where. One year later with the chevelle after we finally put a grill in we hit a ice patch going 2 high school and a mile marker caved in the quarter to where it broke little window...Lucky though...crossed the centerline went through a slew and then launched the chevelle...we then had to fix it...but Still have the chevelle after all these years.
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