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greetings from oregon


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Jul 16, 2023
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Oregon City, Oregon
well, i don't exactly have a b body, but this is the only Dodge forum i was able to get help from.
my dad has had a 1947 Dodge 1 ton flatbed from when i was in diapers, which he was doing a 3rd frame off restoration and restomod. unfortunately he passed suddenly and left it to me to finish. unfortunately he was also starting to be affected with Alzheimer's, do dome of the mods i been asking WTH were you thinking?!?! now im sure hes looking down on me and having a laugh.
1947 Dodge 1 ton flatbed, 440 shoehorned under the batwing hood, mustang front end, expedition rear end, power steering disk brakes with independent suspension all the way around.




From one Nick to another…welcome to FBBO from NY!
Can’t think of many better ways to honor dad’s memory than to follow in his footsteps of passion for these old cars. Or in your case, trucks!
I’m sure he’d be happy to see you going at it on that rig.
Welcome to FBBO!! Great looking truck. Thanks for your pics and story. Not often I get to see a Mopar older than I am :thumbsup:
Welcome from south of you. Bitchin truck! I have dreams of getting one like that to make a roll back tow rig with a 12v Cummins.
Welcome, Nice truck. There is one here in the islands I wouldn't mind buying if it comes up for sale.
Welcome from Alabama, your truck and I are the same age. So sorry your dad didn't get to finish that dream, but maybe through you he can.
welcome to FBBO
cool truck

you may want to go over & check out
For Trucks Only Forum
It's not as active by any means as here, but has some of the same people
knowledge & cool trucks/4x4s
Welcome from south of you. Bitchin truck! I have dreams of getting one like that to make a roll back tow rig with a 12v Cummins.
funny.... couple years back i happened to see a Dodge v12 at the u pull it wrecking yard, told dad about it, who insisted on me showing him. he spent about an hour looking at it, and trying to figure a way if it would fit in the engine bay. he finally reasoned it wouldn't, as a BB V/8 barely fit without trimming the firewall let alone trying to cram 2 extra cylinder length s in there without losing a big chunk of firewall and front floor pan.
as is its so tight i gave to go with a electric pusher fan in front of the radiator
Howdy Neighbor!

Welcome to the forum. Finish that truck and drive the wheels off of it.
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