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Opinion poll on '65 Satellite paint Job

I think that body style look good in any color, but they look AWSOME in black or red. I would go with base/clear.
Yea XMan I saw one last year in black it was "The SEEDS"
Danny I called you on that car and it was gone, I believe you had it on carsonline,
Man that was a sweet looking machine!!!
Ok Guys/Gals need a popular opinion on a Paint job on the '65 Satellite !! It's Epoxy primed and ready to shoot! My ?
to everyone is what's the best way to go?? Acrylic, lacquer,
or ??? Also I'm stuck on a color as to what the '65 available
colors are so I'm in the middle of a color + 4 years as B-5
Blue or F-8 Green, Also I've seen a "FEW" '64-65s with
Bumble Bee stripes so I'd like to hear some PRO'S and CONS
on TASTE!! I'll post pics of paint job after its done Mid April

I would strongly recommend that you DO NOT put a bumble bee stripe on your '65 Satelitte. You will regret it, and if you ever want to see it, everyone will hate it, and hurt your selling price. In my opinion, the early cars look best in original type colors, White, Red, Medium Blue Metallic, Medium Turqoise, Black, ect. Anything that starts looking like plum crazy purple, hemi orange, B5 Blue, and anything lime Green or Yellow, should be avoided like the plague! These are not cartoon cars "roadrunner, superbird, superbee, demon, duster, ect." remember, different era. I would keep the paint simple and original looking mostly, as it will always look timeless and classy. Good luck, '65 Satelitte's are great looking cars.
Yes Superstock I Agree!! No stripes and Definitely no hemi orange sassy green or Plum purple! Its gonna be hard but leaning to a blue, maybe red? What ever color the Opinions here are. Awesome Thank you! Yes
Was this the color?

Yes Tempest it was!! And THAT LOOKS AWSOME TOO!!,you got me thinking!! Almost looks the ssame color as Danny's '69 Bee just a shade lighter. but still nice!!
Personally, I would go for the original color. My white '65 Belvedere Pro Street car I posted on page 1 even though heavily modified is the original color.
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that 65 satellite is cool. medium metallic blue. very popular color back then. a friend had a 64 belvedere 2drhtp with the medium blue body and white, neat car.
here is the paint chart-I think that Satellite is either B1 or KK1 Turquoise
lots of nice colours to choose from
Kinda Like the Yellow



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Thanks Hemi !!
Ive been checking them out its gonna be Medium Blue Poly or Medium Turquoise
Poly, Sharp Colors, GITEX that Yellow Looks Great TOO!!
I think either color would look great on your 65, as for the stripe....please do not do it!!!! That does not fit the charecter of the car! I had a couple of people say that I should do one on my 67....I'm not Chris Jacobs and altough the Coronet he did looked ok, I thought the car would have been perfect without it....
Mine was originally gold poly but this Metallic Brown looks pretty good.