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TTI Headers fitment issues? Any dimensions available?


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Feb 10, 2018
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Bend, OR
So I posted these pictures in another thread, but we're in the middle of trying to get the car buttoned up so i can get it on the road to enjoy before the weather starts to turn. I figured I should start my own thread and see if I could get more direct input or suggestions.

I ordered some 1 7/8 TTi headers and TTi's full 2.5" exhaust, as most people talked about how great the fitment was. We got everything on the car and then when looking to connect the headers/extensions to the exhaust, things were not lining up. It took a lot of effort to get them connected and once it was, we could see everything was twisted. We've already called tech support at TTI a couple of times to discuss and sent the pictures, so now we are waiting for them to come back to us.

I'm still waiting to either get some actual physical dimensions of the headers as they are supposed to be, so we can compare, or word on whether or not they will send another right side header. Basically the right header is sitting about 1 1/2" lower than the left side, which not only reduces the ground clearance but also is twisting the entire TTI exhaust that I also purchased. My builder showed them measurements that engine is level, car is sitting level, and distance from bottom of header to the floor is off. Already made sure extension reducers from 3" to 2.5" for exhaust is clocked correctly and this is what you see..... Any other ideas?

This is going into a 68 Charger with a newly built 400/470 stroker, TKX 5 Speed, Trick Flow 240 heads, upgraded stock type suspension, and of course new motor mounts. The headers clear everything, but obviously the fitment is way out. They are ceramic coated so I don't want to have to cut and weld. Not sure how we could really do much to make up for that difference and keep everything aligned?

I know things don't always fit precisely, but this seems a little extreme especially for the price they charge compared to others. It basically came down to Doug's headers or TTI and I thought I was giving us the best chance for proper fit. Just looking to see if anyone else has run into anything similar and whether they have been successful in resolving this to at least a reasonable result? Not sure if returning them and going with another header set would be any different.......



Maybe it is a motor mount issue. Just a thought.
Maybe it is a motor mount issue. Just a thought.
Brand new motor mounts and verified that motor is sitting level..... Thanks for your input, as right now I'm trying to make sure we look at everything.
Almost looks like you got a 440 (RB) header for the right side.
I hadn't thought of that! That should be able to be verified if they will give us the actual dimensions that they are supposed to be for a B motor. I'll have to see if we can find out. thanks!
If I recall each TTI header has a p/n on it. I would also check to make sure the RH header is the correct p/n for your application.
If it's the wrong header for the right side it won't be surprising as alot of parts seem to have that problem lately. What use to be one out ten would be wrong part in today's world its more like three out of ten wrong. Nobody has quality control anymore most warehouse or parts people can't even tell what the part is supposed to do. good luck
If I recall each TTI header has a p/n on it. I would also check to make sure the RH header is the correct p/n for your application.
Supposedly the p/n on the flange was verified to be correct, but since that is the only place a p/n can be found it still does not rule out the fact that the wrong down tubes could have been used. I'm waiting for a call back this morning, since the tech doesn't work on Friday's so I'm sitting here waiting on some kind of resolution......
I have TTI's on my 383 based 70 Road Runner. They fit perfect and are still some of the best fitting headers I have ever installed.

I'm not sure how I can help you measure, but I can help with a specific measurement comparison, let me know.
Ya so what's the deal, I've talked to locals with TTI's, and about half say they had to pull a torsion bar to get them in with a BB A body, and the other half says they went right in, (though I've noted that many of the latter have someone else do their heavy work, and just own and drive).
TTI sent a new header......It fit "better" and definitely didn't hang as low as the first one, but still a little lower and required some upward bending to get things to line up closer. It was a raw header, so since it required some bending to fit, we kept it and had both ceramic coated locally. Not something I thought I was going to have to deal with but given TTI's original response that they are "all made on the same jigs", I didn't think sending it back again was going to net us a much better option. For the price difference compared to a set of Doug's headers, it just wasn't something I thought we would have to spend a lot of extra time and money to sort out.
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