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TTI ??? I want to order exhaust for my roadrunner 440 w factory manifolds

I recently bought a 69 B that has 440-218 step headers on it going into 3 inch exhaust with X pipe. The starter installed was the TTI recommended Gen 1 RobbMc which is no longer available and last made in around 2010 when they updated to their Gen 2 starter which is 1/2 inch shorter and a bit bigger in diameter than their Gen 1. A lot of modification to the primary tubes and even after that very little clearance between header and starter. Tried all over looking for a starter that would give me more header/starter clearance than the Gen 1 with no success. If you every have to change your starter and/or solenoid it's a real Bit*h of a job. I know TTI are supposed to be the Cadillac, or since this is a Mopar site, the Imperial of headers but before buying a set of TTIs I would check your clearances as you wouldn't want to install your starter only to find out the TTIs won't fit and don't believe for a minute any claims that you can change a mini starter without having to take the TTIs off even on a Roadrunner or Superbird.

Every big block header I’ve ever encountered requires the driver side to come off for a starter change…
A mini-starter can be removed/installed easily with Hooker Comp headers.
And are Hooker Comp headers up their in quality/longevity as TTIs?
I started installing headers a half-century ago, or longer. Different cars, different brands. So, when I did my restoration on this one car a dozen years ago, I used one of my tried-and-true's. I don't recall what mini-starter is in the car.
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I had headers and a 3” exhaust system from jegs. I ditched the headers for stock HP manifolds. Bought a set of TTi Dow pipes, and I couldn’t be happier. The fit was perfect ! The rest of the system bolted right up and has incredible sound ! Not obnoxious, but just a great tone.
You guys and your old school muscle car exhaust. This is the future!

Meow Meowww!!!!!!

I've had and also have presently, TTI systems on my Mopars and I liked the fit and finish. Very easy to install using the instructions. I believe all the systems are aluminized tubing.
I use the "H" pipe and like them.My two cars have 3" pipe with Super Turbo mufflers. You may want a different muffler? Ruffcut
what is advantage to the 3” pipe ? are you happy with the decision over 2 1/2” ?i ask because i’m going to order exhaust soon ….
You can’t tell a x pipe at idle. You hear it in the midrange. Best thing I can think to describe it is that it’s a more whoosh sound and a brief harmonic ring. At WOT the 2-3 cars ive had with with one did it at like 3k or maybe 3500. All big blocks. I much prefer the x pipe. It’s more of a packaging decision based on muffler outlets. My exhaust guy is pretty slick and is a drag racer so he custom builds whatever I want. I did have a 383 car last time that we decided to just do a h pipe on. For some reason I remember wanting it to be easier to get the exhaust down or moved around for easier engine it trans swaps. He said let’s do the h then. I might see about an x pipe on the GTX and see if we can do a drop section with the ball and socket joints. I think it will add a lot of cost to the system to do it, but I’m getting to the point after 15 cars that I want what I want.
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