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Will s prepping steps for bc/cc ?


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Feb 29, 2020
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Heart of Dixie.....
In watching old Graveyard Car reruns on youtube, Will puts out some awesome paint jobs in my opinion. I am wanting to understand his steps. I understand the primering and blocking of body and fenders. It looks like he is spraying on a bc, assembling fender to body and then block sanding the whole cars base coat. Is that right, block sanding the first coat of bc. Then, outside to spray wash the body, and heated in the booth to dry, and then the final coat of base coat. Does that seem right. I have never block sanded bc before the final shoot and wonder what grit or grits that process takes. He mostly shoots high metallics but I am assuming a final shoot over block sanded metallic base won't have any adverse effect over the final coats. Can you help me see his process better.....thanks....
When you spray a basecoat on primer during prep. Its being used as a guide. For blocking straight, viewing edges to make sure there are no lines. And looking for deep sand scratches. Also. Spraying parts off the car are for the edges that wont be reached after the parts are on. Then the color is sprayed on the entire car to keep the color uniform. Especially the metallics.
Block sanding base is tricky. . Its gummy and will track if applyied to heavy and not evaporated off properly. Using 1000 grit or finer to rid the finish of any specs or lint. Even at times pores caused by contamination.
Some of the paint companies require hardner in the base , so the oroctuct can adhere to the primer or sealer. And still be sticky for clear. So theres no delam.

polishing the end results after can be tricky. If done to soon. Dye back seeing fine scratches from the removal of dirt nibs seen in the clear. Its quite a process
And many hours at times to see it done right.

you can be assured there not showing the actual issues. That they face daily.
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Those guys paint cars two times anyway. Why? Can’t they get it right the first time?

I don’t think sanding the base coat is the best way to do it. Waste of money, and base coat has no hardener.

If you have deep sand scratches when it’s time for base coat your process needs to be modified.
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Thanks slimt, so getting a base coat properly set up for blocking, ie correctly evaporated, could be very tricky for a home made non heated spray booth. I watch the pros in hope of learning how to improve my efforts and do not mind trying new methods. But at times have gotten myself into other problems I did not account for.
Will orders three gallons of paint per car....as he normally paints underside, inside and outside and PPG stuff is not the cheapest, but he does turn out some purdy work.....
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