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    k members

    RMS system is a lot lighter than the stock tortion system. Heavy either the K-frame and steering box alone.
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    k members

    I have the RMS alterkation and the street Lynx. Awesome! I love it!!! Bill is a great guy to deal with and assists with whatever you need or have questions with. Best guy I have dealt with.
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    Need pics of brake lines from Master Cylinder to Distribution block

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    Custom wheels

    Forgeline, adv1
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    big brake kit

    Nice work. Which bonspeeds are you getting?
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    Green bearing retaining plate.

    I'll let you know in a few weeks. I don't think I will need them.
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    New aftermarket Tach.

    Has anyone here bought a new aftermarket oe style tach for their ride? I would like to get one as mine is not working. Just looking for feedback.
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    Green bearings gone

    Thanks for that tip. I'll try that before I tear the rear apart. But... This build hasn't been "easy way" for anything.
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    Green bearings gone

    I have a 23 spline Dana 60 out of a 68 coronet. I am switching to green bearings. To remove my thrust spacer, do I need to remove the rear section? Or can I get it out with a magnet like I read somewhere else? I have looked down the axle tube, but I don't see anything resembling any images I...
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    LED Instrument Lamps?

    I used this companies LED in my car. https://www.superbrightleds.com
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    TTI or dougs headers?

    If you want 100% bolt on go with TTI from header to tip. You will save on install as the fit is perfect. I tried Doug's and it did not clear the trans cross member area. As well I went with flowmaster exhaust kit and the pipe labelling is non existant. Maybe it was just me, But, their is...
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    Solid or Roller Cam what would you use.

    If you can afford it. Go roller. I wish I did.
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    Pro touring tire size

    295 I think are good enough. You will rub the outter wheel housing. It is a sharp curve. I put 285. But 295 will go. I rub in my driveway backing out. Not worth the cost to go 305 IMO.
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    SRT8 Roadrunner conversion, NOT a body over!!

    I love this! You guys amaze me on the sheer talent and craftsmanship it takes to do this stuff! Is that Viper Blue?
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    Calgary Members

    D&W awesome! Just had my block assembled and machined.
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    opinions please....

    I kinda liked it
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    Looking for Coronet RT -68 emblems

    I bought my fender emblems from ebay. I got the rear letters and R/T emblem from laysons. http://www.laysons.com/Catalog.cfm?nCatID=2849&nModelID=13&nModelYear=1968
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    Lowered B Body Info & Pics

    Wow. What size turbo is that. That's a huge garage!
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    Lowered B Body Info & Pics

    Just in the finishing touches. Here is a better shot of my ride. It's low... Back rubs when I'm backing off a curb on an angle. But, I won't be driving on many curbs.