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Still have one of these in your neighborhood?


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Mar 19, 2021
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Western NY
A 50’s themed restaurant…
Took my girl out for a burger late tonight at our local place. This is about 1/2 before they were closing for the night.
They still have cruise nights and host local bands during the summers around here.

You all still have places similar around you? What are they? Let’s see some pics!




There's a drive-in not far from us where the car hops still wear '50s style skirts and roller skates. They have a cruise in once a month in the summer. Neat place.


Sweet! I’d live to go check this place out! Gotta live a mom and pop place!
There's a drive-in not far from us where the car hops still wear '50s style skirts and roller skates. They have a cruise in once a month in the summer. Neat place.

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That's the ticket right there. Love it. What an era that was. We've had several come and go in the last 40 years that I can recall in our area. But only a select few that survived around here for all this time.
Had a couple here, "Legends", with 50s booths, a hundred license plates on the walls, and a car theme. Nearest to me closed down, i dont know about the other one.

Bottom line? The food wasn't great, priced too high. Death for any restaurant.
Had one like this in our area for a bit, but it was buried inside a local mall. Without the cars, it's just not the same...

We have jesses drive in and dairy mart, that are trapped in time because they haven’t remodeled. And then we have Happy days dinner that came in in 2015, they renovated a 30s building and made it all 50s. None of them do cruise nights which is damn a shame





My home town not far from Milwaukee had the major N/S route through town until the freeway was built. We had a Dog ’n Suds resembling this one, an A&W drive-in, and back then Mac’s was the old style yet, when we could back in to the stalls and hang around, and two outdoor theaters. Around 6 or so years after getting my license, A&W closed, then Dog (place I frequented more often in my old rides), and Mac’s got all futzy, no longer allowing backing into the parking stalls, hiring rental cops, and kicking us out after 15 minutes. Not long after the outdoor theaters closed. Cruising through town ended not long after with a ban, no more than two-times per hour. Hell, with the urban sprawl, ya couldn’t make it much more with traffic jams anyway, unless after 10PM. And a couple of the old-iconic drive-in’s in Milwaukee we’d go to became shithole areas you didn’t want to spend much time around anymore.

Was fun while it lasted..
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