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Vintage garage stuff

keys for my 69
I found these letters and numbers at a local flea market. I believe that they are original. I looked up gas prices for the year of my car, and I guess it was about $.34 a gallon, So it’s right in the era of my car. I also got a number two, but it is a little broken. I would like to make a small nine for the 9/10 part of the price. I haven’t exactly figured out what to do permanently.
How can you guys stored old products that you cannot use again because its expired?
A little off topic, but vintage garage art non the less.

2021-07-03 11.15.46.jpg

My original 1951 14hp Evinrude outboard motor from when I was a kid. There was no minimum age to operate a small boat, unlike 16 to drive a car. I think I was 12 or 13 when I had my first boat.
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Just completed one of my "Vintage Garage Stuff" projects. Finally wrapped up and installed my new mailbox.

2021-07-18 15.54.08.jpg

2021-07-18 15.54.20.jpg
I found a very cool looking dwell-tach. Being a Michigander, I also like the fact it was made in Paw Paw. I have never heard of the maker. Harvey E. Hanson. Someone did some unauthorized modifications, so it might be tricky trying to get it functioning. When I opened it up, I thought it had a tube in it, but it turned out to a tube shaped relay that plugs in to a tube socket.
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I found a pair of never been used curb feelers. Cool looking plug in the lighter trouble light. A timing light with box and instructions. The box reads for VW and foreign cars. I always grab Fisk stuff whenever I find it. I love the logo With the boy in his pajamas holding the tire and candle.
Found this TDC indicator light for Ford flatheads in my Dad's stuff. Doesn't look like it's ever been used.
A wooden Road Runner wall hanger. Garage art.
Some very cool stuff you guys have in your shops. Here's some of my oil can collection:

oil cans.jpg
I found this very cool sign at an estate sale. Remember those bubbling Christmas tree lightbulbs? The bubbler for this sign works the same way. The liquid is heated by the fluorescent lamp and then starts bubbling. I paid a whopping two dollars for it.
A few garage sales finds from last weekend. Not automotive but I still thought they were cool. The Cyclopedia was printed in 1883.

KIMG1643 (2).JPG
KIMG1642 (2).JPG
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