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The Unofficial "What are you reading" thread

‘ghost’ & I read a bunch of the same. At gun range last Saturday, I was promised ‘Matterhorn’ by a fellow shooter. Non-fiction about firebase close to Quang Tri in Vietnam.( he said it was too graphic for him). Should be interesting.
A historian/author Noah Andre Trudeau wrote a series of books about the Civil War. Excellent work from Gettysburg to the end.
Steven Sears book Landscape turned Red is excellent also.
Just ordered Ian Toll's "twilight of the gods" can't wait to get it
Nothing at the moment

Chuck (snook)
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"whip" by Martin Caidin, loosely based on the first gunships made in Australia from b25 's
I've got a few irons in the fire right now.
I honestly haven't read this much in decades.
Probably from having to read (and write) a LOT of technical articles in my last job.

"I'm The Man"- autobiography of Scott Ian from Anthrax

"A New Spring"- prequel to fantasy series "Wheel Of Time"

"EMD at 100"- brief history of gm's electro-motive division and sale to Caterpillar
How to survive a plague
The inside story of how citizens and science tamed AIDS.
Having lived during then and remembering not paying much attention to it until it started infecting the heterosexual community. Most died horrible, painful, degrading deaths. Second time reading it, just finished;
Hero, the true story of T.E Lawrence for a second time also. I average 4-5 books a month.
FSMs count?

This week's read:

A very friendly user's guide to the history of rights in America, the Bill of Rights and a chapter by chapter breakdown describing the historical and legal foundations of each of the amendments as well as contemporary applications and Supreme Court rulings based on the amendment. In my mind, required reading for every HS Junior or Senior.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 11.32.22 AM.png
Just started reading this-


I've been wanting to read this for over 40 years!

I followed his "Incal" series in Heavy Metal magazine when it ran in the late 70's to early 80's.
I was in elementary school and had time to stop in the bookstore after school was out in Downtown Dayton OH before catching the city bus to my Grandmother's house.
Having that kind of stuff in my head at a fairly early age probably explains quite a bit about me.
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Also reading this-





That strip was also in Heavy Metal, and those were the gm "fishbowl" city busses I rode twice a day all week long from 4th to 6th grade.

Finally bought the hardcover, so I can see the ones I missed.
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