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The Unofficial "What are you reading" thread

My daughter sent me this.

18yrs old, but just found it.

I just finished "How the Scots invented the modern world" by Arthur Herman
I just started his book To Rule the Waves, how the British navy shaped the modern world
So far another Excellent read if you like history
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The instruction book on how assemble
a bookcase purchased from Walmart.
Think I have everything ready to go
after studying it, for 3 days.....
I'm a commercial trucker and have been listening to audio books for close to 20 years now while I drive. I like Sc-fi mainly, especially big spare opera type stories. But I also like post apocalyptic stories and some fantasy and maybe a bit of historical drama from time to time.

One series I listened to recently was called Slow Burn by Bobby Adair, there are 9 books in the series....kind of a post apocalyptic Zombie type story, very well written series.

Big Fan of the Frank Herbert Dune books. Stephen Kings Dark Tower series is great, as well as his book The Stand.
I have a few series on CD. If you would like to borrow them I could mail them to you.
One is the monkey wrench series by PJ Tracy. That is a great listen. I have found some libraries will let you check out a whole series.
I love this series.
I am reading the man eaters of Tsavo now


Very interesting read from opposite side. (Found out about it from a previous thread)

I am wanting to read this at some point because I have lived my whole life 11 miles away from Uncle Tom's cabin. Dated a girl who had descendants that escaped slavery. She could not trace her ancestory back very far.
Raymond E Feist, everything from

to one of the best series, starts with the magician and ends with magicians end

Passed in 2020, but numerous “helpers” to keep the genre going!!!!

Every Morning, 1st Thing, After feeding the dogs !!!
just purchased moped engines 9th edition, my next book to read ….
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